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Too Much of a Good Thing

Over the years, I’ve heard this phrase in reference to a variety of things, but have never really applied it to anything that I have experienced. Well, maybe on Halloween as a kid I learned too much candy or sweets equals a bellyache.

This might be another example of too much of a good thing. Maybe if the plaid shirt I wore today matched my pajama pants it might not be so bad…

A few weeks ago a decision at my work about scheduling made me start to wonder if it would be possible to have too much time off.

My company is very generous with allotting vacation and sick time to its employees, and because I’ve been with this company for several years I accrue quite a bit of time off every year.

If I pool my sick days, floating holidays, and actual vacation hours, I average about five weeks off a year. And if I am unable to use all of those days, I can carry over another week into the following year, totaling roughly six weeks off.

Having so many available days for vacations means I can usually schedule a pre-Thanksgiving trip out to see my sister, take a full week for family vacation in the summer, plan a trip I want to take, and still be able to use sick days as needed.

There are some restrictions placed on these days off (like I can only use one floating holiday in a week, and I can’t use a vacation day either immediately before or after the FH) so most of the time I spend the last few weeks of the year scrambling to use up all of my time so I don’t lose it, and still carryover a week to the next calendar year. The same thing happens for each of my co-workers, so scheduling has been quite a nightmare for the last several weeks.

The idea of too much time off really hit a nerve with me when the upper management decided to try out a new scheduling idea for my department. Instead of working five days of about 8 hours a week, we are now on the four-day 10 or 11 hour days. Everyone else was excited about the prospect of an additional day off, but I was immediately worried what that would mean as we were already understaffed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like having an extra day off to get errands done, or just be lazy and stay in my pajamas all day, but giving that extra day off to each person also means one less person will be working each day.

We still have the same amount of work to do each day and same projects that have to be done each week (mainly counting the full store’s inventory once a week which usually requires at least 2 people and takes several hours to finish all of the research and counting), but with one fewer person to help out. And once you add in the fact that everyone is taking at least one extra vacation day off a week (next week I’ll only be at work for two days), it puts an even greater strain on the people who are working those days with such a small crew.

I’m still not a huge fan and have voiced my opinion already, and I think some of my co-workers are starting to see my point on this new idea, so things might go back to normal at some time.

Maybe once our holiday blackout for vacation begins things will even out with scheduling.

Have you ever experienced too much of a good thing?

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  1. Josh says:

    I know when I was there with you I never liked the idea of going to long days.

    • Katy says:

      You always have been quite wise. 🙂
      I think the others have realized that the addition of 2 hours a day means 2 more hours to potentially get screamed at by irritated customers.

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