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True Confession #4: I’ve Never Seen the Original Star Wars Movies

While I’m in the mood to share some of my embarrassing confessions (my fascination with dressing up my dog, my hypochondria, and my old-person tendencies), sharing what is one of the most embarrassing only seems fitting today.

I’ve never watched (that I can remember) any of the original Star Wars films.

I should be ashamed of myself, because I’m probably the only person in my generation or age range who has never seen these classic movies. I’m pretty sure even my little sister who is 10 years younger than me has watched at least 2 of the 3 films. And my older brother is such a fan that when he and his wife walked back up the aisle during their wedding, it was to the theme from A New Hope. 

I have no excuse to explain my behavior, other than growing up I was the youngest, and therefore never in charge of the television selections. Although, I’m sure my family still watched these movies several times during my childhood, and I was probably off with my nose stuck in a book somewhere or in LaLa Land designing new outfits for my Barbies just oblivious to the fact that I was missing out on something that everyone else my age has seen.

In my defense, I do know who most of the main characters are and the basic plot line, so that  has to count for something, right?!

The only Star Wars movie I did manage to see growing up was Episode 1, which left me less than impressed with the whole Jar Jar Binks character (or maybe it was just his annoying voice), and it didn’t leave me wanting to watch the rest of the films in the franchise.

When I revealed this revelation/confession to a couple of different people over the last two weeks, the reactions were almost identical. I think at first they both thought I was just kidding or looking for a reaction, but when they realized I was serious I think they just felt sad for what I’ve missed out on.

There are several other classic films I missed out on and listed a few months back, but I’ve decided to push all of those to the bottom of my to-watch list and add Episodes 4-6 to the top.

Being able to finally say I’ve watched these classics is something I’m excited about, but I’m especially looking forward to watching young Harrison Ford– one of my biggest celebrity crushes no matter how old he is. 🙂

Luckily, my new work schedule allows me an extra day off a week, so I plan to use part of this bonus day for catching up on things I’ve missed out on over the years.

My goal is to able to complete this task pretty soon, and I’m sure I’ll report back with my review when I’m finished– the one review where spoilers won’t matter since everyone else in the world has already seen these films.

Knowing that this isn’t the only movie I’ve missed out on I’m open to suggestions of others I need to add to my must-watch list. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

And if you’re in St. Louis (and someone I actually know), I’m more than willing to have company to watch these, so let me know and I’ll make a plan for movie night.

Responses (3)

  1. Joe Babbitt says:

    Be sure to update us on what you think. It’s never too late to embrace your inner nerd.

    • Katy says:

      Once I’m done with all 3 (I finished A New Hope this morning), I plan to have an entire post with my thoughts. I have no problem embracing my inner nerd (being nerdy is way cooler than not being nerdy, right?).

    • Katy says:

      I completely forgot to post that I’d finally watched all of the original Star Wars movies, and while I enjoyed them I think they would have been much better if I’d watched as a kid. I made some notes, but not enough to garner an entire blog post on it, but felt like an update of my progress should be recorded somewhere.

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