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A Year in Review: 2012 and Looking to the Future

Over the last year it seems like I’ve experienced more new things than in other years that I can recall. This feeling might not be exactly true, but because I’ve gotten back into the habit of writing something every day (even if I don’t post anything new here), it’s a lot easier to look back […]

Yes, Please: The Fabulous Fox

Yes, Please: The Fabulous Fox

One of my favorite things about St. Louis is the availability of theater performances, and being able to spend an evening with my best friend enjoying a Broadway caliber musical without needing to travel all the way to New York for one night. Over the years, I’ve attended many shows at The Fox, and have […]

Lucky Number 13

Lucky Number 13

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, but a slow internet connection at my parents’ house combined with all of the holiday celebrations made it a little difficult to find time or energy to write. This year at our annual Christmas Eve celebration at my Grandma Rose’s house, the newest bowling ball […]

The Bowling Ball

Year One: Mom receives bowling ball 2.0, along with a note that instructs her to restart our tradition.

Over the summer I wrote an entry about one of my family’s strange traditions: the giving of the bowling ball at Christmas. Wanting to document the history of the ball (and any other strange traditions unique to my family), I declared on Christmas Eve 2011 that I was going to start a blog and feature […]

The Butterflies

They sneak up on you when you’re least expecting them– that little tickle in your stomach you feel whenever you’re around that certain someone, or even sometimes just when you hear their name in casual conversation. Your heart skips a beat, or starts to beat even faster, and you wonder if they are feeling the […]

More Than Just a House

More Than Just a House

This week a chapter in my sister and her family’s life closed, as they signed the last of the paperwork on the sale of their home in St. Louis. Hearing the news was a little bittersweet, as I spent a lot of time in that old house over the summer helping get it ready to […]

The Two Best Christmas Movies Ever

Over the last few days I’ve been informally surveying various friends, family members, and co-workers about their favorite holiday films. Some people–namely my parents–I didn’t even bother asking, because I know A Christmas Story is my step-dad’s favorite (he knows it by heart and quotes his favorite parts while watching) and my mom’s favorite is It’s a Wonderful […]

When the Heart Aches

The tragedy that struck Newton, CT Friday morning is something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about over the last few days. I usually try to find the good in any situation and treat it as a way to learn something, but there is no sense to be made from this terrible event, and […]

Yes, Please: Zumba

One of my newest favorite weekly activities is a Zumba class at a local gym. I’ve read several articles over the last few weeks praising this workout, and the success of the company because so many people are now using this workout program. Some popular musicians are actually mixing special versions of their music just […]

Pet Peeve #16: Elf on the Shelf

This holiday season, the feeds on both my Facebook and Pinterest have been clogged up with almost every friend (who has children) posting pictures of this creepy looking elf. At first, I thought it was cute and clever, but the more pictures I see (and the numbers are growing exponentially every day), the more I […]

Would You Rather…

Be stuck in traffic for an indefinite amount of time OR take a detour and possibly get lost in a strange city? I realize this question seems completely random, but after a recent stint where I was stuck in some construction traffic, the thought of taking a detour crossed my mind. Since I was just […]

In Search of… the Perfect Travel Cup

Over the summer I had to bid a sad farewell to my trusted to-go cup after the last fall left it in pieces that even the strongest duct tape could not repair. I’m a pretty big baby when it comes to not having something to drink, and have come to depend on always having a cup […]

My Newest Favorite Game Show

Several years ago, Saturday Night Live used to have a game show portion of the evening (Celebrity Jeopardy), and it was always one of my favorite parts. The running jokes between Alex Trebek (played by the always great Will Ferrell) and Sean Connery (usually played by Darrell Hammond) were always my favorite part. Other celebrity impersonations […]

Kitchen Concoctions: Pumpkin Brownies

A few weeks ago, a recipe for pumpkin brownies on Pinterest caught my eye, and I decided at some point I would have to try out this little recipe. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a sweet tooth— and a weakness for anything with chocolate in the recipe, so naturally I was intrigued […]

True Confession #5: I Watched a Reality TV Show… and Liked It

I’ve always been pretty judgmental when it comes to reality tv, because for the most part it is mindless television exploiting some oddity of society and making it popular (Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Toddlers & Tiaras, Honey Boo Boo just to name a few). Exceptions have been made for shows like The Bachelor/The Bachelorette as […]

Deck the Halls

My family tends to go borderline Griswold when it comes to Christmas decorations, and while I’d love to shift the blame elsewhere, I’m an instigator and collaborator on their holiday decorating. It all started out innocently enough, many years ago when I decided to hang some lights on the front porch at our old house, […]

Yes, Please: Laundry Fresh from the Dryer

It may seem a little strange that as much as I detest certain household chores (taking out the trash, washing dishes) I actually enjoy and look forward to folding my laundry. On a chilly fall or winter day, being able to sit down with a pile of still-warm laundry and mindlessly fold while catching up […]

Lost and Found

Late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it) I discovered one of my most prized possessions had gone missing: a pendant that is a family heirloom. I’ve worn this necklace countless times since receiving it when I graduated from college, and never had any problems with it in the […]

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