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Lost and Found

Late Saturday night (or early Sunday morning depending on how you look at it) I discovered one of my most prized possessions had gone missing: a pendant that is a family heirloom.

I’ve worn this necklace countless times since receiving it when I graduated from college, and never had any problems with it in the past, but in the back of my mind I always knew to be careful with this piece of jewelry.

opalWhile getting dressed to attend the evening’s festivities, the special jewelry box where this necklace lives caught my eye, and I decided at the last second that wearing it would be no big deal, and would be the finishing touch to the rest of my outfit.

It wasn’t until I arrived home for the night, and was in the process of undressing for bed that I realized the chain was empty.

I frantically searched the dress I had just taken off, hoping that it had gotten caught on the fabric and was not lost forever. When that search proved futile, I retraced my steps in my apartment, as well as in the hallway, stairwell, and to the front door of my building. Since it was very late, I knew tracing my steps back any further was out of the question (walking around in the dark by myself at 2 am didn’t seem like a very bright idea), so I sent a text to be on the lookout for my necklace and prayed it would be found in the morning.

Despite the late hour, and my level of exhaustion sleep did not come easy. Instead of drifting off into an alcohol induced slumber, I laid awake for most of the night just waiting for the sun to rise so I could resume my search.

As soon as I heard the first beep of my alarm, I jumped out of bed, grabbed my jacket, shoes, and Jasper, and was out the door on my mission.

Being up so early paid off big time, because laying in the middle of the sidewalk about a quarter of a mile down the street, was my missing pendant. The bright white stone stood out like a beacon on the damp leaf covered sidewalk, and I was elated to have found the heirloom, and not be forced to explain to my grandma that I had lost it.

It may sound a little silly to treasure a thing so much, but this stone has a history and many memories attached to it.

Before my grandparents were married, my Grandpa Bernie brought back an opal bracelet and necklace as a wedding present for Grandma Rose, while she had waited back at home for his tour of duty to be completed in the Korean War. He wanted to be married before leaving, but she waited patiently for him to arrive home safely before tying the knot.

I’m not sure what exactly sparked her decision to break apart the necklace, but years later, she decided to use the necklace to make single stone pendant necklaces for her 3 daughters, and planned on the rest being used for her future granddaughters.

As a child, my mom explained the history of this piece of jewelry, and I anxiously awaited my turn to receive the special heirloom.

Knowing that we wouldn’t fully appreciate the sentimental value as children, she decided that each necklace would be given out whenever we either reached a certain age, or a milestone of adulthood (graduating college, getting married), and the number of stones worked out perfectly for each granddaughter to receive a necklace.

Now that most of us have ours (my little sister is still waiting), it’s a family tradition to wear our matching necklaces at holidays or to any family function. My grandma always gets a huge smile on her face when she sees us in them, as I’m sure it reminds her of my grandpa.

The monetary value of this little necklace might not be a lot, but the sentimental value makes it irreplaceable and priceless, so I am very thankful today that crisis was averted and I was able to return it to its home. To ensure no future mishaps, a trip to a jeweler is in my future, so I can one day be able to pass it on to the next generation and share the history that accompanies my opal.

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  1. Mel says:

    All I can say is that Jesus loves you a whole whole lot. Glad you found it!

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