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Pet Peeve #16: Elf on the Shelf

This holiday season, the feeds on both my Facebook and Pinterest have been clogged up with almost every friend (who has children) posting pictures of this creepy looking elf.

At first, I thought it was cute and clever, but the more pictures I see (and the numbers are growing exponentially every day), the more I start to develop some rage towards “Elf on the Shelf.”

The idea of having an elf come to visit during the days before Christmas to “report the children’s behavior” does seem like it could help keep kids in line and not throwing tantrums over having the “give-mes,” but I fear that it is also taking away from the real meaning of Christmas.

And, some of the pictures I’ve seen posted show the elf being naughty and getting into trouble, which makes me wonder if the parents are doing this more for themselves (to have a photo op to post online as a sort of bragging right) or for their children.

Maybe I’m just so negative about this new “tradition,” because I don’t have kids, and therefore no reason to place a toy in a new place every day to be discovered, but after a recent post on another blog I know I’m not alone in this angst towards the elf on the shelf idea.

Some holiday traditions I am completely supportive of (awkward family photos, overly decorated houses, and sentimental/funny gift giving), but can someone please justify this whole Elf on the Shelf craze for me?

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