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The Two Best Christmas Movies Ever

Over the last few days I’ve been informally surveying various friends, family members, and co-workers about their favorite holiday films.

Some people–namely my parents–I didn’t even bother asking, because I know A Christmas Story is my step-dad’s favorite (he knows it by heart and quotes his favorite parts while watching) and my mom’s favorite is It’s a Wonderful Life, and still watches and old VHS copy every year during Christmas.

I expected the traditional answers of those two plus Home Alone, Rudolph, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so I was a little shocked to hear several people tell me Bad Santa, and Die Hard were their favorites. One friend even went so far as to say the only “holiday” movie they care about is Hocus Pocus, which is one of the best Halloween movies, but wasn’t really an answer I was looking for.

Choosing just one movie as my favorite Christmas film was way too difficult, because I have two movies I watch every year, and love them equally. Both of these movies are ones I’ll watch at any time throughout the year, and can watch multiple times without getting sick of either of them.

Since childhood, the one movie I would watch every year (repeatedly if I could get away with it) was White Christmas.

From the music during the opening credits to the last number of the film, my eyes are glued to the screen, and most of the time I can’t not sing along to this film. If you’ve never watched this film, I highly recommend at least trying, unless you hate musicals or great old movies.

The other movie I love to watch at Christmas is a little film you may have heard of called Love Actually.

There are a multitude of reasons why I love this film, ranging anywhere from the fact that the cast is jam packed with some of my favorite actors, to the storyline itself which has so many minor connections between each character that just makes this movie amazing. I think it goes without saying that if you haven’t seen this one, do it.

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Or one that you’ve watched so many times you can recite the lines while watching?

Responses (4)

  1. P2000Camaro says:

    I definitely have to go with Scrooged, and Muppets Christmas Carol. They never get old..
    Also, yes.. Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie ever..lol

    • Katy says:

      Ahh, Scrooged, very good choice. Same with Muppets Christmas Carol— you really can’t go wrong with a Muppets movie ever, can you?

  2. I’m also a big fan of Its a Wonderful Life. The story is just too deep for me to ignore. I’ve never seen Love Actually or White Christmas. Guess you’d recommend them, huh?

    • Katy says:

      I definitely recommend seeing both, and you are welcome to borrow my copy of White Christmas if needed (it’s actually still in my DVD player from when I watched it a few days ago). I’d say the same for my copy of Love Actually, but it looks like it went missing during my move. It’s a Wonderful Life is a good film too, and one I’ll probably watch again over the next week or so.

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