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Would You Rather…

Be stuck in traffic for an indefinite amount of time OR take a detour and possibly get lost in a strange city?

I realize this question seems completely random, but after a recent stint where I was stuck in some construction traffic, the thought of taking a detour crossed my mind.

Since I was just on the highway coming back to St. Louis from Illinois, I probably wouldn’t have gotten lost on this detour, but if I had been in a strange city the chances of getting lost would have been much greater.

Which decision would you have made?

There isn’t a right answer to this question, but the answer you make might tell you something about yourself.

Taking the detour could mean that you look for adventure, even in the small things, while staying on the jammed road could mean that you are content to wait things out and not seek out new opportunities.

I’m curious to see how people respond to this question, and have included a poll at the bottom, which is anonymous and only takes a few seconds to answer.

And, if you have more thoughts on this question, feel free to leave those in the comments. 🙂


Responses (2)

  1. Great question. As much as I don’t like getting lost, I like feeling in control of my fate, and I like feeling that I’m moving somewhere (hopefully forward). So I would go with the detour.

    I’ve actually had this happen, and the situation was confounded by the fact that I REALLY had to go to the bathroom.

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