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Yes, Please: Laundry Fresh from the Dryer

It may seem a little strange that as much as I detest certain household chores (taking out the trash, washing dishes) I actually enjoy and look forward to folding my laundry.

photoOn a chilly fall or winter day, being able to sit down with a pile of still-warm laundry and mindlessly fold while catching up on tv is quite relaxing. The combination of smells from the fabric softener and detergent, mixed with the remaining warmth from the dryer sometimes makes me want to just sit and take in the moment.

When my sheets or blankets come out of the dryer, I’ve been known to wrap myself up in the warm fabric instead of folding it right away, or build a mound of warm laundry in my lap while sitting down and folding.

I think the desire to be surrounded by the laundry is a little bit of a natural instinct, as my dog will always have to investigate the laundry pile, and usually make a “nest” when I’m not looking.

Sometimes it’s the little things, like this, that are very soothing and tend to be overlooked while going about our daily routines. Are there any small things you do every day or on a regular basis without even thinking about it that are a source of comfort or soothing for you?


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  1. lala1966 says:

    that is true! I love your precious little doggie!

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