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New Bucket List Goal: Have a Kiss that Rocks my World

Earlier this week a moment I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for finally happened: The Kiss. Unfortunately, this kiss didn’t actually happen to me in real life, but on one of my favorite tv shows, and sorry to spoil this for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, but my oh my, New Girl  […]

Making the First Move

Pursuing and maintaining a relationship of any type, be it romantic or simply friendship, takes a lot of work. Something I’ve always struggled with is being bold enough to take the chance and make that first move. Instead, I let my fear of rejection get in the way, and instead am miserable at times because […]

My Greatest Fear #5: Driving without GPS

Once upon a time,  I was very confident in both my driving and navigating skills, but over the last few years I’ve discovered just how much I rely on GPS to get just about anywhere. The daily commute to work, the weekly trips to the grocery store/Target, and my bi-monthly trip to visit my parents […]

Would you go on a Crazy Blind Date?

Would you go on a Crazy Blind Date?

A few months ago I decided to revisit the idea of online dating, despite the fact that each previous foray I’ve taken into this method of dating has never really worked out for me. I’m confident that it can work for some (my best friend met her husband online several years ago), but at the […]

The Screen-Free Experiment

A few weeks ago one of my co-workers presented me with a challenge that he thought would be impossible for me to complete: Go 48 hours without using any electronic devices (no cellphone, iPad, computer, or television). Immediately, I rejected this idea as pure and utter insanity, as I rely heavily on each of these […]

Yes, Please: Vanilla

Yes, Please: Vanilla

The word vanilla is often synonymous with things that are boring and dull, but I’ve found through my recent cooking and baking experiments that adding this little ingredient makes a world of difference. Adding a little extra from what a recipe calls for suddenly makes the flavor just pop and explode in your mouth. I […]

High Definition Overkill

Most of the time movies or tv shows are enhanced by the addition of the super crisp images provided with high-definition, but sometimes it seems a little bit overdone. Earlier today I accepted an invitation to join a friend in watching one of my favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, in high-definition (via Blu Ray) […]

How I Lived Through the Worst Day Ever: A True Tale of Survival

How I Lived Through the Worst Day Ever: A True Tale of Survival

Ever have one of those days where every single thing you touch or do goes badly… and the extent of epic failure almost becomes comical? Yeah, me neither until one day earlier this week. The events I lived through on this particular day made me start to wonder if I had somehow been transported into […]

Famous Female Duos

After watching several clips and videos of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting this year’s Golden Globes, I was a little sad that I didn’t take the time to watch the entire show live on Sunday evening. I don’t usually watch award shows, but think next time I hear this famous duo is hosting together […]

A New Business Venture?

Around work I’ve started to earn a new nickname: Betty, as in Betty Crocker, because at least once a week I bring in some sort of homemade baked treat for my co-workers. My reasons for bringing in treats are a little selfish as I like to bake (and love the smell of yummy things baking […]

Big Sister Always Knows Best

Big Sister Always Knows Best

If’ you’ve been following along for the last year, you’ll recall I’ve written before about my older sister, and the role she plays in my life, so hopefully I’m not repeating myself too much in today’s entry, but some life lessons she’s taught me seem worth repeating. My older sister has never steered me wrong […]

They’ve Arrived

They’ve Arrived

Earlier tonight my new temporary roommates arrived at my apartment. It was a couple of days earlier than originally planned, but I think in the end their early arrival will have been a good thing. So far Merlin (who I’m pretty sure is really a combination between a house cat and miniature panther) has been […]

Vacation Planning Overload and Bucket List Goals

In order to start tackling some of the items on my bucket list, I realized some careful planning of trips I want to take would be required. With a general idea of the type of places I want to go, as well as the budget I’m willing to set for vacations this year, I’ve spent […]

Preparing for the Upcoming Cat Invasion

Preparing for the Upcoming Cat Invasion

For the last several months, the thought of getting another pet to keep Jasper company during the day while I’m at work has been on my mind. The addition of another pet is a huge commitment, and not something that should be decided impulsively. The possibility of having to house train another animal is not […]

An App I’m Excited About: One Second Everyday

Several weeks ago an upcoming app caught my attention on Kickstarter, and before I’d even finished scanning the project page or watching the video, I was hooked and decided to back it. The purpose of this app is for lack of a better word, brilliant– using your existing smartphone camera (right now only the iPhone […]

I Saw it on Pinterest so it Must be True, Right?!?

I’ve mentioned a few times before my fascination with Pinterest, and the multitude of DIY projects, recipes, and other assorted goodies that can be found and stored for later, and at times have even attempted some of the things I’ve found there. At times, I’ve pinned things that looked or sounded cool, but upon a […]

Should You Wait Until the Wedding?

Since I’m not currently involved in a relationship, it might seem odd that I’d write about waiting until marriage when that isn’t something on my current horizon. In the past I’ve heard some criticism for writing about something that I hadn’t yet experienced but still had opinions on, so hopefully that won’t be the case […]

Check it off the List: First Resolution Completed

Pardon my goofy expression here. :)

For the last few months, I’ve been debating about changing something relatively minor, but have been unable to pull the trigger and just go for it. This little change really only affects me, and last night (well early this morning) before I went to bed, I decided there was no better time than the present, […]

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