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An App I’m Excited About: One Second Everyday

Several weeks ago an upcoming app caught my attention on Kickstarter, and before I’d even finished scanning the project page or watching the video, I was hooked and decided to back it.

The purpose of this app is for lack of a better word, brilliant– using your existing smartphone camera (right now only the iPhone version exists), you are tasked with recording one second of everyday of your life, and the app will sort it into a video you can playback at a later time.

I already use my phone to take pictures of random things almost everyday, so finally having a resource that organizes some of the memories into an easy to play format intrigued me.

My life isn’t so exciting that something awesome happens every single day, but that’s not really the point of this app. The point is to create a log of those moments that are often overlooked or forgotten about, and for the big important ones too.

You might be wondering why I’m just now taking the time to write about this awesome app, or why I didn’t think of mentioning it while their Kickstarter campaign was going on, and those are both valid questions.

I’m not sure why I didn’t share this upcoming app weeks ago, but a recent backer update informed me that the App Store has finally approved the finished version, and it will be ready to download in just a few short days.

If you missed out on backing this one, don’t worry, because once it goes live in the App Store, you can purchase it and start your own videojournal project, too. (And the best part is for a very limited time they are giving this app away for free.)

I’m not sure exactly how my videos are going to turn out, or what memories they’ll make me remember when I look back on them, but I’m excited to see what the future brings, and how setting a goal (and sticking to it) of recording one second of everyday will make an impact on me.

With several of my friends currently expecting new additions to their families, I’ve set reminders for myself to share this app with them as well, so they can document the new babies and all of those moments you hear new moms talk about wishing they had been able to record and share, or just reflect upon later.

Have you used any apps that are similar to this one, or found apps out there that have made a difference in you daily activities?


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