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Famous Female Duos

After watching several clips and videos of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting this year’s Golden Globes, I was a little sad that I didn’t take the time to watch the entire show live on Sunday evening.

I don’t usually watch award shows, but think next time I hear this famous duo is hosting together I might have to make an exception. These women are two of the funniest actors right now, and when together it’s hard not to laugh at their performances.

Seeing Tina and Amy together made me start to think about other famous female duos, and I could only come up with a few.

The first ones that came to mind were Lucy and Ethel, followed by Thelma and Louise. The others I could think of were all from the past, which shocked me a little that I was only able to name one current awesome female duo.

I know I have to be missing several others that are more current than my first thoughts, and would love some assistance in compiling a list of other notable duos. And who knows, maybe I’ll even discover a greater pairing than Amy and Tina… But I highly doubt it.

Go ahead and leave the duos you come up with in the comments, and I’ll revisit this topic later on and declare a winner for best suggestions.

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