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High Definition Overkill

Most of the time movies or tv shows are enhanced by the addition of the super crisp images provided with high-definition, but sometimes it seems a little bit overdone.

Earlier today I accepted an invitation to join a friend in watching one of my favorite movies, Raiders of the Lost Ark, in high-definition (via Blu Ray) and with their amazing surround sound system.

I was curious about how different of an experience (hopefully for the better) this would be, as I’m used to watching this movie in the DVD version on my tv, which is technically HD but several years old,  and without any surround sound.

During the opening scenes in the jungle, I was pleasantly surprised with how great the picture looked, but once more people started appearing on-screen the picture almost started to look distorted or choppy. As the movie continued I kept getting more and more distracted with how the movements the various actors were making just seemed unnatural and almost robot-like.

I highly doubt the television or any of my friends video components had anything to do with this– a few weeks ago we watched a more recent release and I didn’t notice anything unusual– but rather blame it on whatever process was used to convert the old footage into a high-definition version.

Despite my being distracted by the movement on-screen, it was still fun to see this movie in such crystal clear detail (especially the scenes with Indiana himself), and with the enhanced audio, but I’m not anxious to see the rest of the series this way now. I think I’ll just stick to curling up on my couch with my trusty old collection and television the next time I need and Indiana Jones fix.

I know with live television (news, sports, etc) sometimes the added sharpness of the image adds no real value to the experience, and wonder if anyone else has experienced a similar HD overkill like I did today or if I’m just being overly critical of the changes made to one of my old favorites?

Have you ever experienced an overkill with high-definition being too clear?

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