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I Saw it on Pinterest so it Must be True, Right?!?

I’ve mentioned a few times before my fascination with Pinterest, and the multitude of DIY projects, recipes, and other assorted goodies that can be found and stored for later, and at times have even attempted some of the things I’ve found there.

At times, I’ve pinned things that looked or sounded cool, but upon a second look realized that the possibility of whatever magical remedy or trick actually working was a very slim chance. Most of the outrageous ideas seems to be concerning DIY home spa treatments, or beauty tips.

Some of the proposed ideas people have pinned and shared are pretty awful if you actually stop to think about what certain ingredients do on their own, let alone when combined with other things.

There are a few ideas I know I’d never try, but some that I’ve been brave enough to experiment with over the last several weeks.

My “favorite” beauty idea is the home self-whitener, which includes peroxide, lemon juice, and baking soda.

Sure, those ingredients all have whitening properties and some are actually used in whitening products you can purchase, but they also can cause negative side effects when used without proper handling or amounts since peroxide and lemon juice are acids, and baking soda is an abrasive.

When I noticed this treatment a while back, I remember clicking through to the blog where it was originally posted and reading some of the bad experiences people reported in the comments of that post. This method might work, but I think I’ll just continue my regimen of flossing, brushing, and mouthwash, along with regular trips to the dentist to keep my teeth healthy.

Outside of the teeth tricks, I’ve also seen a ton of pins lately on making your legs smoother when shaving, or ways to make the shave last longer. I like the feel of my legs when they are silky smooth, but hate that the time spent in the shower could be better spent sleeping for a few extra minutes in the morning, so I did attempt a few of the suggested methods.

The first method was to make a sugar scrub out of brown sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, and oil (they listed several, but the only ones I had on hand were vegetable and olive, so I went with a little EVOO). I was very doubtful that it would do anything but clog up the drain or dull my razor, but surprisingly neither of those happened, and my legs seemed to be a little smoother. The downside– and reason why I won’t use this as part of a routine– was this process took longer than I normally spend on my entire shower, and I could still smell the ingredients after a second shower and the application of lotion.

The other method I attempted was supposed to be a way to skip the shaving entirely with a DIY wax treatment made from sugar, honey, and lemon juice that has been heated up. While those are all things I have on hand for when I make tea, I was even more doubtful that this would do anything other than make me want to turn on the kettle and brew a cup of tea. I never got around to actually seeing if this one worked because once heated, it looked more like a recipe for disaster than smooth legs, and I didn’t want to suffer any burns from applying molten sugar-honey-lemon juice on my skin.

I think for now, I’ll skip any additional home remedies and just keep up with my regular technique of just using good lotion after every shower to keep my skin smooth and soft. 🙂

My short list of DIY beauty treatments is just the tip of the iceberg for things on there that probably don’t work, as countless “magical” diet plans and 5 minute workouts that promise you’ll look like a Victoria’s Secret model run rampant on the boards and in my daily feeds from friends I follow.

What have you attempted from Pinterest and had less than the desired results, or found that looks too good to actually be true?

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