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New Bucket List Goal: Have a Kiss that Rocks my World

Earlier this week a moment I’ve been waiting almost 2 years for finally happened: The Kiss.

Unfortunately, this kiss didn’t actually happen to me in real life, but on one of my favorite tv shows, and sorry to spoil this for those of you who haven’t watched it yet, but my oh my, New Girl  continues to amaze me with the progression of each episode topping the last. (Small side note: Loved the addition of their made up drinking game of True Americans to this week’s episode and while I don’t really play drinking games, I think it would be fun to try out one day in real life…Any volunteers for this task?)

After being kept in suspense for the last 2 seasons with the unspoken sexual tension between the parties involved in this kiss, I was happy to see it finally happen, but also a little sad since it can’t really go anywhere and would hate to see it ruin the roommate/friendship dynamic.

In case you missed this “little kiss,” go check out this article from buzzfeed today, as they do an amazing recap.

The only tv kiss I can recall reaching this level of hotness is the Ross and Rachel first kiss from way back in the days of Friends.

With both of these fantastic kisses in mind, I’ve decided adding the goal of being kissed like this (or possibly even a better kiss) is completely realistic and reasonable to add to my bucket list… the hard part will be finding a willing partner who is capable of helping out with this task, and can bring the level of passion that is obviously required to make this little dream of mine come true.

Looking back at past relationships and dates, nothing even comes close, nor have I heard one of my favorite movie quotes uttered (Rhett Butler “No, I don’t think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.”) in the heat of a moment– that will be a sub-goal for this list item. 🙂

What’s your favorite on-screen kiss? And, if you are fortunate enough to have experienced an amazing movie/tv show quality kiss, feel free to share those stories in the comments.


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  1. P2000Camaro says:

    This kiss is absolutely attainable.. What’s funny is you honestly may have already experienced this kiss in the past. However, the recollection of your kisses from the past is tainted by what you may think of the other participant at this moment in time.

    On the other hand.. If/when you meet the “right person”, EVERY kiss should feel this way.. You don’t really need some grand gesture such as struggling to open double doors (which, fun fact, never get opened again in the entire series.. I know, I’ve watched it in its entirety countless times..lol) while your perfect man stands in the rain then hurls himself at you..

    Finally..(lol). There are guys out there who are ALWAYS looking for small romantic gestures, such as this kiss. Yes, I do refer to this as a small romantic gesture because there are some guys who are constantly looking for the perfect time and place to kiss the girl. Whether it be after getting into a huge argument, then just staring into each others eyes, stroking her cheek while lightly brushing her hair behind her ear, then kissing her to ultimately end the argument.. Or standing on a mountain top with the most beautiful view imaginable behind them.. This is something that some guys are ALWAYS looking for. You just need to watch for it as well!

    There’s so much more I have to say on this topic, but I’m gonna stop now..lol. I apologize for the length.. I apologize again if it makes no sense, because believe it or not, this is the extremely condensed version.lol

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