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Should You Wait Until the Wedding?

Since I’m not currently involved in a relationship, it might seem odd that I’d write about waiting until marriage when that isn’t something on my current horizon.

In the past I’ve heard some criticism for writing about something that I hadn’t yet experienced but still had opinions on, so hopefully that won’t be the case today. Even though a wedding isn’t in my near future, I think it’s only natural to form opinions about certain aspects of weddings and marriage, from the small things like what type of ceremony/reception you and your partner want or what gifts you are registering for, to the larger issues like if your partner is a cat or dog person, a morning person, and any other possible deal-breakers you foresee in a relationship will hopefully last the rest of your life.

A short discussion I had earlier tonight about a relatively large purchase I’m considering kind of surprised me with some of the responses given.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping tonight’s entry was going to be about sex, and instead are being subjected to my thoughts on purchasing a new kitchen appliance.

A few days ago I had to face facts and admit that my trusty little hand mixer had mixed its last batch of cookies, when the motor started making a strange sound, the smell of burning electronics were coming from the gadget, and the beaters stopped turning while trying to make homemade frosting. It put up a strong fight, as just in the month of December alone I used it to mix up over 20 dozen cookies, and a loaf of bread, plus a few various other treats I made for my co-workers like brownies and lemon bars. With as little as I initially spent on the hand mixer, I think it more than exceeded my expectations.

For about as long as I can remember there has been one iconic kitchen gadget I have always wanted, and with the loss of my hand mixer I’ve started to consider saving up to purchase it myself: the Kitchen-Aid Mixer. I’ve had it at the top of my Amazon wish list for about three years now, and have just about given up hope on receiving it as a present for anything but a wedding.

The conclusion I’ve come to is that if I want one, I’ll either have to break down and buy it myself, or wait until I get married, as traditionally this item is something that brides-to-be put on the wedding registry. Clearly, I wouldn’t hypothetically be getting married just for a fancy mixer, but if I were currently heading in that direction, this item would most certainly be on my registry.

There are several other options that serve the same purpose and aren’t as pricey as a $300 mixer, but buying one of those just feels like I’d be settling. Since the loss of my old mixer just happened, I haven’t decided which route to take yet, but am leaning towards saving up and buying it for myself.

While I’m not a huge cook, I do tend to bake at least once a week, so the prospect of mixing everything by hand is slightly less than enticing. I know it is possible to get by without this mixer (or any mixer), since my sister (who bakes more than me by a longshot) only received hers after over a decade of marriage, and several of my friends who have this mixer or similar ones only received theirs as wedding gifts.

If you were in a similar situation, which decision would you make? Would you buy what you want now, and be able to start enjoying it, or would you make do with something else in hopes that one day you’ll be able to add it to a wedding registry and maybe receive it as a wedding present? (If the idea of a mixer doesn’t spark any interest for you, imagine it were something else that you want and in a similar price range that is traditionally something couples put on a wedding registry.)


Responses (5)

  1. joe says:

    If you mixed everything by hand, in a short time you could start attending arm wrestling competitions. Now, you could wait for the wedding, or you can do what I plan to do is scope estate sales.

    • Katy says:

      Good call on checking out estate sales– I hadn’t considered going that route, but know some good deals can often be found at those.

  2. Since baking is something you like to do regularly, I’m assuming th activity adds to your quality of life (up there with things that make us happy”). If that’s the case, you should’nt wait until marriage or until one is gifted to you because In The Meantime, you are responsible for your happinesd and the mixer is affordable if you save for it. Your money. Your life. Your hobby. Your choice. Doable.

  3. JT says:

    I’ll just note that, while we and everyone else we know has put a KitchenAid on the list, I don’t know a single couple (ourselves included) who have ever gotten one. But yeah, estate sales are great. Also Black Friday sales. If you really love to bake, get yourself the equipment.

    Also, I don’t know if it works this way for KitchenAids, but my mother – an accomplished seamstress – has progressively bought her way up in sewing machines by trading in her current model. When I was a kid it could make dolls to sell at craft stores and my astronaut outfit. She now has one with wifi that can download complex embroidery patterns and uses it to make doll clothes for my daughters. I know she didn’t pay $5k for the machine, but traded in her last one for a credit, and the same with the three or four models before.

  4. […] ages, I’ve wanted to add a Kitchen Aid mixer to my collection of kitchen gadgets, and even wrote about this desire months ago, but could never justify spending the money on something I might not use […]

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