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Would you go on a Crazy Blind Date?

A few months ago I decided to revisit the idea of online dating, despite the fact that each previous foray I’ve taken into this method of dating has never really worked out for me.


I’m confident that it can work for some (my best friend met her husband online several years ago), but at the same time I know it’s not for everyone. The whole concept of it essentially being shopping around before even deciding to pursue contact through messaging, and getting to know the person a little before actually meeting up is the part of online dating that I like, but all too often I find that I reject profiles for minor reasons and end up deleting messages without even giving these guys a fair chance.

The other day I was messing around on the settings with one of the dating apps on my phone (and getting ready to delete it) when a new feature caught my eye under the settings tab: Crazy Blind Date. Curious by nature, I clicked on it, and was subsequently directed to the App Store to download another program.

Since it was free, I went ahead and decided to download it and see what this whole blind date thing was about.

Using the profile pictures people have listed on the parent site (OK Cupid), users can now select a time and place they’d be willing to meet up and schedule a blind date with other users. The amount of information is limited to their first name, and a scrambled image, as well as where the other person has listed as their ideal meet-up spot. If you decide you’re willing to go on the date, a few simple clicks will confirm the date, and I’m assuming will let the other person know you’re going to be there.

I can see some pros and cons with this setup, as instead of getting your hopes up and wasting a bunch of time with back and forth messaging, you can instead just go out and meet a new person in a public place and see if there is any spark or connection.

The biggest negative I can see is that you’d show up, and find out that your blind date is someone you’d never want to pursue a relationship with, but that’s really no different than the chances you are taking when meeting anyone from the Internet– especially since its super easy to lie or hide things when your main communication is through messaging and you’re only sharing the best parts of yourself with a potential date.

On the positive side of things, even if the date is a total suckfest, at least it’s gotten you out of the house and meeting new people for one night. There have been times where I’ve been in the mood to go out and grab drinks or a bite to eat and haven’t been able to coordinate schedules with friends, so instead ended up staying in. During those rare times, the ability to setup a blind date at the last minute might have been an option I would have pursued instead of staying home.

Other than listing a nearby coffeehouse I’d be willing to meet for a date, I haven’t really done much with this app, or decided if I’ll ever actually go one one from it, but I’m curious to how different of an experience this would be over the “traditional” online dating game.

For those of you who are single (and do the online dating thing), would you go this route to setup a date, or rather play the game of back and forth messaging, winks, etc, before deciding to meet a stranger off the Internet in person?

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