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My Newest Gadget

My Newest Gadget

I’m a sucker for new gadgets, and working in the industry of cell phones, it always seems like something new has just been released. I try not to jump on the bandwagon too much, but sometimes certain things cross my path that I just can’t resist– especially when it’s a cool gadget I read about […]

One Year Anniversary

A glance at my calendar this morning reminded me that I’ve just passed the one year mark since beginning this blog. This little milestone is pretty exciting to me, despite the fact that I’ve been on hiatus from new posts for most of this week. I hadn’t planned on taking a break from writing while […]

Random Thoughts from a Day of Traveling

While sitting on the plane out to Vegas I started a little list of some of my thoughts, and decided my travel thoughts were worth sharing. The list below isn’t in any real order, so enjoy. 🙂 Thoughts about yesterday’s day of travel: Flying over mountains covered in snow is way cooler than flying over […]

The Problem with Packing

I love to travel, but strongly dislike packing for upcoming trips. In about a day, I’ll be heading out to visit a couple of friends in Las Vegas, and I’ve just about reached my limit on trying to figure out what to pack. The trip is mostly about being able to spend time with my […]

Would you… Let a Stranger on the Street Borrow your Cell Phone?

The other day (Sunday afternoon), while Jasper and I were out for one of our many strolls, I was presented with a minor dilemma. I was approached by a young kid (it makes me feel very old to think of someone in their early 20s as young) who said his car was broken down and wanted […]

My Top 10 Indulgences

Something I’ve learned is that having a few things you indulge in every once in a while go a long way towards having a better outlook overall. The last couple of weeks I’ve been in a little bit of a funk  (that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing as much), and realized that […]

The Unspoken Rules of Dog Walking

Part of my daily routine is taking the always-eager-to-g0-outside Jasper on at least three walks, and sometimes more depending on whether or not I have to work or other plans. Over the course of all of these walks I’ve learned a few “rules” of proper behavior while out walking with a dog. I’ve never heard […]

Be My Valentine

With the greeting card holiday quickly approaching, my inbox seems to have been flooded with offers for discounts on everything from flowers to candy to “dinner for two,” specials, which all have promptly been deleted since I’m a single person, and I have no use for any of the offers to purchase a romantic gift. […]

Yes, Please: Discovering Good Screen Adaptations of Books

I wasn’t sure how exactly to phrase the title of this specific subject, so hopefully the final one I went with makes some sense. 🙂 A quick perusal of upcoming movie releases for 2013 has me both a little excited and nervous, because usually when books become movies or tv shows, something essential to the […]

Hop-a-long Jasper

During the last trip to the vet with Jasper, I learned that like most little dogs, he is at risk for a condition called “luxating patellas,” which essentially means that the joints on his kneecaps are too small and the bone can slip out at times. The vet said it really isn’t something I have […]

Writer’s Block

The last few days I’ve started writing several posts that have the potential to be quite good (I think), but keep getting stuck after the first few sentences are written. I’ve hit the delete button so many times, and immediately regretted doing this, that I’ve started to get pretty frustrated with this invisible roadblock. For […]

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