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Be My Valentine

With the greeting card holiday quickly approaching, my inbox seems to have been flooded with offers for discounts on everything from flowers to candy to “dinner for two,” specials, which all have promptly been deleted since I’m a single person, and I have no use for any of the offers to purchase a romantic gift.

I may sound a little jaded, but even if I was in a relationship right now, I wouldn’t be putting much stock or effort into celebrating this “holiday,” because I think  if you actually love someone you should show or tell them regularly and not just use the one day a year to let them know how you feel.

In years past, I may have made a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, and have even had some great and memorable experiences with my now ex-significant others, but this year my Valentine’s Day plans are much different.

I debated the idea of buying myself a special treat (flowers, chocolate, or possibly something from Victoria’s Secret), or even just going out to a nice dinner with some of my single friends, but instead have decided to do something I’ve always wanted to, but have never gotten around to doing: “Adopting” an animal from the St. Louis Zoo.

For some reason I always thought becoming a zoo parent would involve a lot of work, but after a visit over the weekend, I learned that it’s really quite simple and not as expensive as I’d expected.

The animal I’m planning on adopting is one that I was very excited to see in person for the first time just a few days ago, and happens to also be a featured adoptee on the zoo website right now: The fennec fox.

I first learned about these cute creatures almost five years ago while watching a nature program, and was in awe of these critters. There’s something endearing about their overly large ears in proportion to their tiny bodies that makes me want to pick one up and just snuggle it.

I knew that the children’s section of the zoo is supposed to have a couple of these foxes, but every time I’ve gone since learning of their existence, their habitat has always been empty. I was very happy to finally see one up close, even though they were just curled up and sleeping when I visited (they are nocturnal creatures).

Over the years I’ve done a little bit of research on this animal, and it they weren’t so high maintenance and expensive, I would probably try to adopt on that could live with me. Since owning one is out of the question, being able to help sponsor one at the zoo seems like the more practical decision… especially since I can only imagine the insanity that would ensue if I had a fox and Jasper at my apartment (I doubt my leasing company allows exotic animals anyway).

This might not be the most exciting thing I’ve done, and is definitely not romantic, I think this will be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

How are you planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day this year?


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