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Hop-a-long Jasper

During the last trip to the vet with Jasper, I learned that like most little dogs, he is at risk for a condition called “luxating patellas,” which essentially means that the joints on his kneecaps are too small and the bone can slip out at times.

The vet said it really isn’t something I have any control over, but just to watch out for any abnormalities in his steps, and to give him time if it looks like his legs need a rest or a stretch (natural instinct allows them to know when something isn’t right, and usually just stretching out the leg in question will pop the bone back into joint without any additional assistance from me or a vet).

Since that visit in December, I’ve been paying very close attention to his legs, and up until yesterday, everything was fine.

I’m not sure if the extra long walk we took earlier in the day, or one trip too many up and down the four flights of stairs to my apartment caused it, but he’s developed a distinct hop and has started holding up one leg when taking walks outside, or just around the apartment. It’s horrible that this little hop is both sad and a little comical at the same time.

Earlier this evening I caught a very brief video of the hopping, and since he doesn’t appear to be in pain I’m refraining from getting too worried or calling the vet just yet.

I feel bad for the little guy, but there isn’t much I can do to fix his little leg problem, and I’m afraid that if I tried to pop it back in place I could do more damage and actually break something.

I’m hoping that it works itself out in the next couple of days, and for now will be taking it much easier on little Jas. Instead of making him walk the stairs, he’s been given a little special treatment and gets to be carried now… That’s not spoiling him at all, right?

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  1. P2000Camaro says:

    Aww.. That’s cute/sad/humorous all at the same time. And I spoil my dogs all the time. Whenever I eat anything, they always come running because they know I’m a sucker for the puppy dog eyes (that goes for women as well, which sucks when they find it out….lol) and I’ll always give them a little something.

    Hopefully he gets better!

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