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My Newest Gadget

I’m a sucker for new gadgets, and working in the industry of cell phones, it always seems like something new has just been released.

I try not to jump on the bandwagon too much, but sometimes certain things cross my path that I just can’t resist– especially when it’s a cool gadget I read about months ago and now have access to purchase and with a discount.

Over the years I’ve experimented with a variety of fitness apps to help keep me on track, but like most apps, I tend to stop updating or accessing them after a while and they just become clutter on my screen– which I then either hide in a folder or delete.

When it was brought to my attention at work today that we now carry a nifty little bracelet that monitors different activities, such as exercise, sleep, and meals, my eyes lit up and I was eager to take it for a test drive.

A few minutes of setup and programming had me ready to go and the data tracking began. I’m hoping that by having this technology, for once I’ll be able to stay consistent with meeting my goals, and the ability to look back at exercise and sleep patterns is something I’m super excited about.

One of the cool selling features was that the app can actually send out reminders and alerts about your daily activity, which is highly appealing to me since I spend most of my workday sitting in a desk chair. With a reminder that I’ve been sedentary for X number of minutes, I’ll be more apt to get up and move around more often.

I might hate this little gadget after a few days, but I’m hoping that it will help me form and maintain some healthier habits.

My goal is to track for an entire month and then update some of the results and my thoughts about this device after wearing and using it daily for that time frame. Stay tuned and wait for the update. 🙂

Do you have any gadgets you’ve found that are useful and worth using everyday? Or have you ever tried out something like my new fitness monitoring bracelet?


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