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My Top 10 Indulgences

Something I’ve learned is that having a few things you indulge in every once in a while go a long way towards having a better outlook overall.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been in a little bit of a funk  (that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing as much), and realized that while I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself for no real reason, I should have been taking better care of myself and giving in to some of my indulgent whims.

My list of things I do to “treat myself” is not very extravagant, and some are things I do every single day… or should/would do every day. Some of the others are extra special treats that would be nice to do/have more often, but that might get a little crazy or expensive.

1. Steaming hot bubble baths. I’ve mentioned my love of bubble baths before, and this little event is something I look forward to at the end of a long day. My only complaint about taking a bath is that the tub at my apartment wasn’t exactly designed for lounging or soaking, which is something I probably should have checked before signing a lease (next time I’ll have to make sure the tub is acceptable before signing anything). The soothing smell of the bubbles, mixed with the steaming hot water make this little item top my list, and if I had to name an ideal way to spend a night in, a bubble bath and glass of wine would be first on the agenda.

2. Cuddles/hugs. I’ve heard that studies exist proving that the average human needs about 10 hugs a day to improve mood or outlook. Most of the time lately the majority of my hugs come from Jasper, who is an excellent cuddler, but there is something about having contact with another human being that makes those hugs better. On Valentine’s Day, I was thrilled that my mom took the time to drive completely out of her way after work, just to give me a hug. With most of my friends I’m not really on a “hug every time I see you” basis, but I think that might be something I should work on.

3. Dark chocolate. My greatest weakness towards losing those extra 10 pounds I gained over the holidays (deciding to get on the scale the other day was a bad idea, but a reality check for me and gave me some motivation to reevaluate my exercise and eating habits) is my sweet tooth. Dark chocolate is one indulgence I should really only allow myself to have on special occasions, as I’ve gotten to the point where I justify eating a few dark chocolate chips with the excuse that they have anti-oxidants and are therefore good for you. This is clearly a lie, as chocolate is still candy, and should only be consumed in moderation.

4. Trashy romance novels. When it comes to books, I usually try to read things that either educate me, or at least make me thing, but every now and then a cheesy love story is needed. I’ll pass on anything too graphic, and said no to 50 Shades after reading a few chapters, but stories that have a happy ending and sappy plot are fair game.

5. Taking extra long showers. One of the things I’m most thankful for at my apartment is that I have a seemingly unlimited supply of hot water (with the exception of the weekend the boiler died and I was hot-waterless for 2 loooong days). Instead of having my own hot water heater, there is a giant boiler that provides “scald-the-top-layer-of-skin-off” water right from the tap. Gone are the days of running out of hot water before rinsing the conditioner out of my hair, or even worrying that I’ve taken too long and am holding up someone else getting ready.

6. Binge tv watching. I love services such as Netflix and Hulu, which allow me to catch up on my favorite tv shows, but it’s a slippery slope sometimes when I discover a show that I missed and want to get caught up as quickly as possible. I’m not proud to admit it, but in recent weeks I’ve managed to catch up on about 6 different shows, all that have at least 2 seasons of tv. That’s a lot of time spent in front of the tube (or in my case the iPad screen), and am trying to wean myself of this habit and only watching new episodes of the shows I’m caught up on now.

7. Spending an entire day in pajamas. I doubt anyone can complain about this indulgence, and am pretty sure most people have been there before. On some of my days off work I’ve actually changed my plans to include running necessary errands (like grocery shopping) on a different day, just because the thought of changing clothes to look presentable in public seems like a challenge… even though I can almost guarantee I’ll have taken a shower or bath, only to put other pajamas on afterwards.

8. Visit to a salon. While this little indulgence can get quite pricey, it’s totally worth it. The best part of visiting a salon is the complimentary scalp massage that my favorite one includes as part of the haircut or color services. Somehow they always know the perfect temperature water to use, and do something magical while shampooing your hair that makes me want to stay in the chair forever.

9. Travel. Learning about new places and being able to explore is amazing. I don’t get to travel as much as I like, but try to make the most of every trip. Seeing the tourist attractions is fun, but I’d rather be able to explore things off the beaten path, and experience an area as a native would. My perfect trip would include no planned out itinerary, but rather a general idea of a couple of places I want to see, on the off-chance that I wind up near one while exploring.

10. Baking. My stupid sweet tooth often gets me in trouble, and I’ve almost reached the point where I need a baking intervention. The last week I resisted my urge to whip up some recipes I’d found on Pinterest, so for now the plan is to limit my baking to once a month… that way it really will be an indulgence when I do it.

What are some of your indulgences?

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