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Random Thoughts from a Day of Traveling

While sitting on the plane out to Vegas I started a little list of some of my thoughts, and decided my travel thoughts were worth sharing. The list below isn’t in any real order, so enjoy. 🙂

Thoughts about yesterday’s day of travel:

Flying over mountains covered in snow is way cooler than flying over farm fields. Haven’t decided if I prefer the mountains to flying over an ocean yet… That’s a pretty tough call.

Planning ahead for a long layover by packing healthy trail mix and my brita water bottle was genius. Only fail was that I forgot to grab the baggie of baby carrots out of my fridge for a healthy crunchy lunch/snack.

Mumford & Sons makes for great plane music.

Finding out that no one booked the middle seat in your row on the plane is a special and amazing unexpected treat. It’s like the first class section of coach.

Deciding to bring a tote bag and purse in lieu of a traditional roller bag for a carry-on was a dumb move for a girl who is undergoing physical therapy to retrain the muscles in the
shoulder/rotator cuff… Especially when items in the tote bag included a heavy-ish book (or 2 actually), my iPad, and a spare pair of shoes. I’ll have to rethink my packing skills when it’s time to head home next week. 🙂

I’m halfway convinced that some of the things that happen to me can’t possibly happen to anyone else in real life, and I must be living out my own Truman Show some days.

Today’s super random event: that awkward moment when you lock eyes with an attractive guy on the plane and realize he’s someone you’ve “talked to” on the good old online dating sites, and not being able to remember exactly how the conversations ended, or if I may have gone out on a date with the guy, who’s name I definitely do not remember either way. Luckily, we were seated in different rows so the go-to method of avoidance by grabbing my book and reading prevented any actual awkward conversation from happening. But still, completely random and ridiculous, and what are the odds of something like this even happening?!?!

Flight attendants seem to turn a blind eye to people who don’t actually follow the rule of keeping electronics stowed until the proper time. The guy next to me on the first flight had his iPod just sitting on his lap and clearly in use, but no one said anything or made him out it away.

Early morning flights kinda suck, except for the fact that had I been on a later one, my trip might have been canceled or delayed by the snowstorm.

Hearing “please stand clear of the doors” automatically triggers my mind to translate that same phrase into Spanish. Thanks to Disney and the monorail. This wasn’t actually a thought from the plane, but the result of waiting for the train that moves people between the terminal and baggage claim–but it counts as a random travel thought.

After spending a long day of travel, followed by my first taste of the bright lights and atmosphere of this crazy place I think a day of taking it easy is in order…at least until later tonight.

To my friends and family back in St. Louis, stay safe with the crazy snow storm. I’ll be thinking of you all while out exploring the desert over the next couple of days. 🙂

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