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Would you… Let a Stranger on the Street Borrow your Cell Phone?

The other day (Sunday afternoon), while Jasper and I were out for one of our many strolls, I was presented with a minor dilemma.

I was approached by a young kid (it makes me feel very old to think of someone in their early 20s as young) who said his car was broken down and wanted to call a friend for a ride.

It was broad daylight, I had my handy-dandy pepper spray ready on my keys, but I was still hesitant to let him borrow my phone, and even started to say I didn’t have it with me until I realized that would be a blatant lie as it was in my hand (I was in the process of replying to a text from a friend at the time).

After realizing that I couldn’t just lie and say I didn’t have my phone on me, I then told him the truth about my reservations to letting a stranger borrow my phone, to which he offered me his car keys in exchange for the quick phone call– as collateral in case he tried to take off with it.

In the end it worked out fine; he was able to get a hold of his friend, and my phone was safely returned to me, but the whole incident left me wondering how others would have reacted in a similar situation.

Below is a quick poll asking this question: Would you let a stranger borrow your cell phone if you had been in my shoes?

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  1. P2000Camaro says:

    I would like to change my response to “maybe”… I clicked yes wayyy too fast using my own justifications that would take WAY too long to explain. Then I actually thought about it for longer than 10 seconds and was leaning more toward “no”. But that’s mainly based on the clientele I/we deal with on a daily basis.. So..it depends.. I don’t feel like writing several paragraphs, so I’ll leave it at that.lol

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