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Easter Memories

photoSince childhood, Easter has been a day filled with memories and lots of family time.

We’d always get up early for the early service at church, ┬áhead to my Grandma Rose’s house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt, and then later in the afternoon head to my Grandma Violet and Papa’s house for second lunch/dinner and another egg hunt.

The lunch at Grandma Rose’s house sometimes seemed a little crowded with all of my cousins and aunts and uncles in attendance, but it was good to have the entire family in one place at the same time. Most of my pictures of Easter celebrations are from Grandma Rose’s house, and as you can see in the ones I’ve included that the 80s were clearly not the best fashion years for my family.photo-1

Since my generation of grandkids started getting older, it was only my little sister hunting eggs, and then the tradition passed onto the great-grandkids, none of whom were in attendance this year. We still had a good time visiting with family (and eating too many Peeps cookies), but it was much quieter than during my youth.

Aside from a lack of an Easter egg hunt, there was another noticeable difference in Easter for me this year, as an unscheduled trip to the hospital to visit my Papa was needed.

After my mom and I attended church this morning, she informed me that Papa had been taken to the ICU at a local hospital early this morning, and asked if I wanted to stop by and visit him before going home to take care of Jasper.

I knew that if I didn’t go and visit him I’d probably regret it later on, so after leaving my Grandma’s house, we stopped by and it was pretty heart breaking to see how frail he’s become.

During my entire childhood, Papa was always the strong one, and some of my best memories of him are from fishing trips he’d let me tag along on (something that stopped after I witnessed the whole cleaning fish process), and seeing him hard at work in their garden, or up on a ladder fixing masonry. He still looked like Papa, just a hollowed-out weaker version of himself, and was asleep while I was there.

Seeing all of the tubes hooked up to him had me scared, but I’m hoping that he’ll fight through this latest bout of bad health and make a recovery. If he doesn’t improve and pull through, I’ll be able to remember my happy memories of Papa and know that if it’s his time that at least he’s had a full life and will be back with Grandma Violet.

This might not be the happiest Easter I’ve ever celebrated, but I’m sure it is one that my family and I will remember for years to come.

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