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In Over My Head?

Over the weekend, I decided to start (and planned on finishing) a simple art project that I could actually hang on my walls.

I already had most of the supplies needed on hand, thanks to a friend who gave me a stack of old magazines a few months ago, and some leftover paint from other projects that are long forgotten. The only thing I actually had to go buy was a few canvasses, which was easily taken care of after braving the masses at a local Wal-Mart– next time I might just order online and save myself the hassle of fighting the crowd on a quest for craft supplies.

Once I had all of the supplies assembled, I immediately set to work on the task of tearing up strips of magazine pages and mod-podging them to a blank canvas. I started with a stack of pages and just assumed I’d be able to tear up more strips as needed, but somehow failed to think of the fact that my fingers were about to become a sticky gluey mess, making it nearly impossible to pick up anything without sticking to it.

Below is the progress I’ve made so far, as well as some of the supplies.


Once I’ve finished covering the canvasses with what I deem the appropriate amount of magazine scraps, the next step will be to trace a stencil onto the collage, followed by painting around the stencil outline. The finished project should be pretty cool, with just a little color peaking out in the shapes of my stencils, which I still have to find/make.

I’m still deciding on what I want as the picture, and right now a couple of famous landmarks (such as The Eiffel Tower and The Arch) feel like the right direction I want to go with this project. The only problems I’m facing are thinking of a third landmark, and finding images of the structures that I can turn into a stencil.

I’m not quite in over my head with this project yet, but can easily see this one getting out of control.

I wish I could take credit for thinking of this creative craft, but this is something that I saw on Pinterest, and one of my friends actually has several completed at her house.

Normally I’d set a timeline for myself, but I think taking it slow is the way to go with this one.

I’m determined to finish it, and be able to display my creation, but need a little help thinking of a third landmark/structure that might work with my current ideas.

Any suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments.

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  1. Jo says:

    Disney castle?

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