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My Greatest Fear #6: Finding out Something I Like and Use is Being Discontinued or Retired

Last week when I was shopping for some of the necessities (shampoo, dog treats, and moisturizer), I experienced a moment of sheer panic when I discovered the store I was shopping at no longer carried the specific variety of moisturizer I’ve grown to love. After a fairly thorough search with the assistance of a friendly store employee,  I gave up finding it at that store and decided to search elsewhere.

Luckily, a trip to a different store nearby still carried it, and I was able to make my purchase– I did have to resist the urge to purchase multiples of the product just in case it really is going away, but for now I’ll take my chances.

Unfortunately, I made a rather disheartening discovery last night when trying to check my news feed on Google Reader: A cruel error message popped up on my screen informing me as of July 1, 2013 that the service will be retired.

My immediate reaction was to scream in outrage at my laptop, followed by regressing into survival mode, while trying to work through all of the stages of grief at losing this helpful tool.

I haven’t quite reached the acceptance stage yet, but am hopeful that by July I’ll have discovered an adequate substitution for my needs.

The possible loss of an everyday cosmetic product is nothing compared to the loss of Reader, as it is something that I use on a daily basis and have become quite dependent on over the last several months. I’m sure other readers exist out there that do a decent job of gathering all of the data from the 30 or so websites I try to keep up with, but doubt that any of them will be as easy and convenient as good ole Google Reader.

Having one of my greatest fears becoming a reality is something I hoped to never have to do, and I still don’t understand why the decision to retire such a useful product was made. For now, I’ll enjoy it while it last and do whatever I can to try to keep it from going away for good– such as signing a petition on change.org that was forwarded to me earlier today by a friend who also uses Reader everyday. If you’re a fan of this handy tool, I urge you to go ahead and sign it, because honestly, what can it hurt? (This is just one of many petitions currently available on change.org trying to keep Reader alive.)

Have you ever had to face the fear of losing a product you know and love? And, if you’re a Google Reader user, how do you plan to adjust come July when the service is shut down?

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