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Random Thoughts About Jasper

With spring quickly approaching, the level of fur balls in my apartment has reached an all time high, requiring me to sweep or vacuum at least once a day. If I were to come home one day and see that Jasper is now bald, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least, but as I don’t see that happening any time soon, (seriously, how is it possible that one little dog has so much fur?!?) I’m very thankful that my vacuum has a “bare floor” option.


Something that always amuses me when I’m cleaning is to see which toy will be the first one taken back out of the various baskets placed around my apartment.

I’m not sure why, but I assumed that the most ragged of the toys would be the first to make its way back into the wild. Time after time, Jasper has proven my theory to be incorrect, as he pulls any toy but the ragged old leopard out first, and before long, my apartment has been taken over by dog toys once again.


It’s times like those that I almost wish there was a way to know what actually goes on inside his little noggin. Maybe the selection is not based on any type of preference of one toy over another, but merely just a matter of which one is the easiest to remove from the basket.

He’s a strange little dog, and I’ve given up on trying to guess what is happening inside his head. When he randomly starts growling or “running” in his sleep, or just sits and stares off into space, it no longer fazes me and I just chalk it up to one more case of Jasper being special.


Do you ever wonder what goes on inside your pet’s mind, especially when they are doing things that seem out of the ordinary?

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