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Spring Is Coming…

Maybe just not in St. Louis, yet. 🙁


Spring weather is something I’ve been looking forward to all winter, and I’m very thankful that so far we’ve at least had one spring-like day here in the Lou this year. I just wish that maybe the sunshine and relatively warm weather could have stuck around for longer than a single day.

Despite the fact that I had to don my tall fleece-lined boots to take Jasper for a walk in the snow today, when I’d much rather be able to wear a sundress and flip-flops, I’m not about to let a little snow get me down.

Since St. Louis weather is unpredictable, I decided to bring in a little spring-time cheer to my apartment. A vase of cheerful flowers, and a pretty display of treats on my counter goes a long way to make me forget that outside we have snow about as deep as Jasper is tall.


Maybe someday we’ll actually have some warm spring weather, but for now I guess flannel and snow boots are going to be needed for a while longer.

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