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True Confession #6: My Addiction to Victoria’s Secret

Most of the time when I need to make a purchase, I choose the route of online ordering (normally amazon) over physically going into a store.   My one exception to this rule is when it comes to purchasing underwear and other lingerie (and of course household items and groceries).

When it comes to my “unmentionables,” I’ll brave the terrifying crowds at the mall, especially when the store has sent me rewards for freebies to make the trip more worthwhile.

One of many of the little pink bags I've accumulated over the years. This one happens to be from today and still contains my purchases, wrapped up like a present.

One of many of the little pink bags I’ve accumulated over the years. This one happens to be from today and still contains my purchases, wrapped up like a present.

As a kid, I rarely had the chance to visit the mall– partly because my parents were weary of such places after my older sister was almost taken at the age of 3– so when I finally was old enough to visit the crowded shopping mall as a pre-teenager, the experience was actually somewhat special.

Back then all of the girls in the neighborhood were in the same age range, and one of the other parents would drop us off to grab lunch in the food court and “shop” to our hearts content.  Since we were kids with teeny tiny budgets, most of the shopping consisted of window shopping, and trying on fragrances/lotions at Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop.

I’ve always been more of a girly-gril (despite the fact that I’ll use any excuse to play with power tools when they are accessible), so seeing the window displays filled with pink, lace, and shimmery satin at Victoria’s Secret usually caught my attention. We rarely ventured into the lingerie haven, as I’m sure we were afraid they’d ask us to leave, or we thought we’d get in trouble if caught shopping for sexy panties (at least those are some of the thoughts I remember having back then), but I looked forward to being “old enough” to one day shop there.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I finally found the courage to venture into the store and buy something, but it’s pretty much been a downhill slope since that point– my “collection” has grown to the point where it takes up the largest drawer of my dresser, and when moving last summer, I think I had one large suitcase just for things from Victoria’s Secret.  When it comes to “fashion,” I’m pretty much clueless, but can pretty much guarantee that even if my outfit is as drab as a burlap sack, my unmentionables will have been chosen with care (I always like to think that certain undergarments can somehow influence my attitude or state of well-being).

Over the years, I’ve become prejudiced against other undergarments, even though the product I’m purchasing is probably equal in quality and cheaper elsewhere. For a while, I somehow justified a purchase there about once a month, as they are really great about sending coupons, rewards cards, and offers for free stuff in the mail, and I’m a sucker who always thinks I need to redeem those offers. Now, I limit my trips there to only when I absolutely must buy something new, or when I have gift cards to redeem, but sometimes I slip up and go just because I think some “retail therapy” is needed.

During my latest trip to VS, I realized that over the last decade I’ve visited stores in multiple states, have talked to a multitude of other women while shopping there, and can not remember ever having a bad experience.

The salespeople have always been pleasant, super helpful, and most of the time will actually stop and have a conversation with you about anything. Having that kind of experience doesn’t happen everywhere, which I think makes my trips to VS something I actually look forward to.

The atmosphere in the stores (soft lighting, pretty displays, and amazing organization), combined with randomly having female bonding time with a total stranger while discussing the pros and cons of different types of bras and panties is almost worth the price of whatever it is that I’ve bought… and I get to go home with a pretty pink bag wrapped like a present, extending the good shopping experience until I’m home and can unwrap the goodies.

Sure, I could get similar items elsewhere, just without the price tag or fancy bags, but for me the total experience is worth keeping this little indulgence… and that’s especially easy to say since I currently have a bag with pretty new things waiting to be unwrapped and added to the rest of my collection.

As long as I can keep my spending within reason and in my budget, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this habit. Do you have any indulgent behaviors or “collections” that you justify like I do with my Victoria’s Secret addiction?

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