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Yes, Please: Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes

In an effort to make my diet a little healthier, I decided to cut back a little on my baking projects, and haven’t made anything too decadent in a couple of weeks.

I hadn’t really missed the sugary goodness of cupcakes or cookies until last week, when my friend Lauren introduced me to a brownie/cupcake hybrid that just about blew my mind.

Earlier this week, I attempted to recreate the magical treat (and planned on taking them to work to share), but my version isn’t quite on the level of Lauren’s.

The “recipe” was pretty simple, since the cupcake part is just regular brownie mix baked in a cupcake pan, topped with some yummy peanut butter flavored frosting. And, of course to add a little extra flair, it’s topped with half of a mini peanut butter cup….nothing too fancy.

I’m not sure what it is about the combination of rich chocolatey brownie mixed with creamy peanut butter, but just thinking about those flavors together puts a smile on my face. And making it as a cupcake makes it even better, since I’ve yet to find anything bad about a cupcake.

Having one as an after work snack today was definitely worth doing the extra workout to balance out my sweet tooth cravings, but the remainder will be making an appearance and work very soon to tempt my coworkers into a little indulgence.

Do you have a sweet tooth, and what’s a treat that you can never resist?


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