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Do You Buy the Extended Warranty?

Other than the Up bracelet, I haven’t purchased any electronics or gadgets recently, but a few weeks ago I spent an afternoon helping my parents pick out and purchase a new television.

During the course of the visit to the electronics store, they were asked multiple times by each associate they spoke with about purchasing extended warranties for the various items my parents had selected.

Since their old television had lasted about 10 years before starting to show the first signs of needing to be repaired or replaced, the idea of an extended 3-5 year warranty didn’t seem like it would really be beneficial or worth the initial upfront cost. I supported the decision to not purchase the warranty, as I was once suckered in on the warranty when I purchased a new tv about 5 years ago, and have yet to experience any issues with it that would have made the warranty worth it for me (it probably helps that my tv is only turned on for 5-10 hours a week).

In some situations, I see the benefit of spending that extra money to ensure that any defects would be covered, but for things like televisions and BluRay players– items that are left in one place all of the time– it just seems like a waste of money. For items like laptops and cellphones having some type of protection (be it a case or an extended warranty/protection) makes sense to me, and gives me a better piece of mind regarding an expensive purchase of an item that will receive heavy daily use.

In the past I’ve made the decision to spend the extra money on the warranty for both a laptop, and for several phones, and was happy that I had when just days after the manufacturer’s warranty expired, something went wrong that required a trip to the store for a repair or replacement.

When you purchase things like cellphones, tvs, computers, or any other “pricey” electronics, do you purchase the extended warranty?

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