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Driving Lessons: Dog Edition

Over the weekend, I made a trip out to visit my parents, and since I knew I was going to be gone all day and possibly even stay overnight, Jasper came with me.

car rideI try to practice safe driving techniques (not texting and driving, limiting the distractions, etc), but when Jasper is in the car I’m always faced with a tricky situation: Not allowing him to cuddle up on my lap when I’m driving.

I’ve tried several methods of doggie car restraints, such as the seatbelt harness, and even a car seat/basket designed to hold him in place, but always cave and let him ride in his favorite spot.

By now, I’ve given up even trying to buckle him in and both the basket solution and the seatbelt harness have found permanent homes safely in my trunk.

Occasionally I’ll make him sit on the passenger seat (usually when stopped at a light/stop sign), but as soon as I put my full attention back on the road he’ll wiggle his way back onto my lap. He’s too cute to say “no” to, and usually just curls up and takes a nap, so I don’t really see too much harm or distraction happening as a result of his being there.

If he was a big dog, or even hyper while in the car, I’d have to go back to the days of restraining him, and put my foot down on sharing the driver’s seat. Maybe one day I’ll try to teach him that the other seat is just as comfy, but I’m worried that it might be too late to try changing this car ride behavior.

If you have pets that go on car rides with you, where do you make them sit?

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