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The Poorly Executed DIY Project

Recently I learned a valuable lesson concerning do-it-yourself projects: Some tasks are better left to the professionals.

While I wish the project that went horribly awry was something silly like a craft or baking endeavor, this failure happened to be my attempting to do a little at-home dog grooming.

20130415-143749.jpg Over the last four and a half years or so, Jasper’s grooming has consisted of just regular baths, brushings, and very little nail trimming– all things that are easy to take care of without calling in the professionals. Occasionally I’ve trimmed up little chunks of fur, but never attempted anything drastic.

Frustrated with the constant shedding, I decided to try cutting his fur in hopes that less fur on the dog would result in fewer furballs on my floors.

Unfortunately my dog grooming skills are nowhere near that of a professional, and after just a few minutes I could see that I had made a huge mistake in even attempting such a project. Instead of just sticking to the usual tiny trim, I tried a full cut, including the long fur on his little tail.

After seeing what I had done to my poor sweet dog, I put down the scissors and attempted to brush his coat into something slightly less horrific.

When brushing didn’t improve things, I made a call to the professionals, and booked a doggie spa day for the little guy.

Despite the fact that he looks ridiculous now, Jasper was content to let me cuddle him and will hopefully enjoy a day of being pampered, while I’m left to clean up the mess of extra fur.


Next time I get the urge to take on a project that is clearly beyond my skill level, I’ll remember this lesson and weigh out the consequences before starting. I’m trusting that the groomer will be able to fix my mistake, and won’t laugh too hard at my attempt when I drop Jasper off there.

Have you ever had a project spiral out of control and need to call in the professionals to fix it for you?

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