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Two of a Kind

Earlier tonight, I decided to host a fairly last-minute game night and dinner for my brother and sister-in-law.

Being able to play hostess for the evening was a lot of work, but spending time with family/friends is always important, so the stress of worrying if they’d like my cooking, and having to clean up extra dishes was definitely worth it for me.

While waiting for my brother to set up one of the games we played, I decided to show my sister-in-law some of the different craft projects I am working on or have recently completed, since I know she also enjoys a good DIY project every now and then.

During my craft tour, we discovered that she and I have something in common that neither of us ever expected: Similar taste in furniture selection.

After seeing my bedside table, she remarked that it looked familiar, but hers was white with painted flowers on it, and not a fun charcoal/silver color like mine.

As she started to describe the table that now resides in her parents’ basement (apparently my brother vetoed something so girly being allowed to live in their bedroom), I realized that she must own the twin to my table.

Since I had pictures of the table before I painted it a few months ago, I showed them to her for confirmation that we had in fact purchased matching bedside tables several years ago, and before we knew each other.

It shouldn’t have come as such a surprise to me, as she and I are from the same hometown, and have similar tastes when it comes to clothing, but I still thought it was pretty cool that we had something unexpected in common. And since it’s just sitting around, she offered to let me have hers, so I can pretty it up and have a matched pair.

I really love when little random coincidences happen, and even though I don’t really need another piece of accent furniture, it was cool of her to make the offer.

Do you ever get excited when you find out you have something completely random in common with friends (or even a total stranger)?

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  1. P2000Camaro says:

    I swear somebody I know has that exact table.. I’ve seen it a million times, and trying to figure out where is driving me insane.

    • Katy says:

      Hmm, that is interesting that you know someone with the same table, too. Maybe there was a surge in hand painted table sales that I was part of but didn’t realize at the time?

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