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About 9 or 10 months ago I made the decision to give up coffee, and other than a small cup on special occasions like Christmas morning breakfast, I was doing quite well living without coffee, or other heavily caffeinated drinks in my life.

Until about 3 weeks ago, when I purchased coffee and creamer to be a good hostess when I knew a friend was going to be staying over the night before the color run, and that she usually drinks coffee of some sort daily.

Once the bag of coffee was opened, and that first pot brewed, I could feel my resolve weakening and couldn’t resist indulging in a cup.

Had I stopped with just the one cup that day, I would probably have been better off, but knowing that the delicious coffee creamer was just going to sit in my fridge and eventually spoil, I proceeded to start brewing myself a small pot of coffee daily until the creamer ran out.

I didn’t realize how quickly the daily intake of caffeine would affect me, or that just 1-2 travel mugs a day would have gotten me hooked on the java juice again. I attempted to quit cold turkey today, but realized the error of that decision when a blinding headache, followed by the feeling of utter fatigue hit me while at work. I knew it was a withdrawal from caffeine, and instead of suffering thorough the day, I caved and made myself a cup with some instant coffee a co-worker offered.

Now that I’ve realized how much this little incidence of backsliding has affected me, I’m determined to quit the habit again, but for good this time.

I’m somewhat fearful of going cold turkey after today, and might have to try weaning myself or finding a placebo to substitute my daily caffeine fix.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson about backsliding, at least as far as caffeine is concerned, and hopefully I’ll be able to be back to normal quickly,

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  1. melanie says:

    Welcome back to the dark side. Muhahahahahahahaha.

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