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Football Fun

For the first time ever I attended a professional soccer (football since it was teams from the UK) game, and it was amazing.

My friend Steph and I arrived at Busch stadium about half an hour before the game, and were both shocked at the turnout for the friendly game being played tonight between Chelsea and Manchester City.

It was a little strange to see so many people wearing blue in a place where Cardinal red is the standard attire, but it was also amazing to see so many people supporting international teams in this special game.

In preparation for the game, both Steph and I wore shirts of different shades of blue, and prior to the kickoff we selected a team to root for (Manchester City). This decision was made partly because she thought the coach was adorable, but also because it’s fun to root for the underdog, and most of the stadium seemed to be sporting the color blue that Chelsea wears.

When we got to our seats, we met a mother and son who were there to root for Chelsea, and meeting this kid was one of the highlights of the night. He seemed to know stats for every player from both teams, and just watching the expressions of pure joy cross his face after an exciting play was simply amazing.

I was really glad to see that despite the game being sold out before tickets officially went on sale that a lot of kids who seem to enjoy the game were able to attend. When I was searching for tickets initially, I was sick to my stomach at seeing prices 10X face value on various websites by people who had purchased them in advance and were hoping to make a quick buck.

If I ever have the opportunity to attend another professional soccer match, I’d definitely go, because this experience was unlike any other thing I can remember. Seeing Busch transformed was cool, and honestly soccer is way more exciting than baseball in my book–even if I didn’t really know the terminology or motivations of the players for certain moves.

I took quite a few pictures from our excellent seats, and will add them as soon as my phone is recharged… Or whenever I have a chance to tomorrow.


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