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If You Give a Kitten a Strawberry

Last summer I learned that Jasper will do just about anything to get his paws on fresh fruit, specifically apples. In the past, he’s even gone so far as to take a bite out of one while my sister was in the process of eating it– and she ended up giving him the rest of that apple.


Since then, I’ve gotten in the habit of offering him a piece of fresh fruit whenever I happen to be eating some myself, and tonight he was the recipient of some strawberry pieces. Instead of eating the treat, he dropped it on the carpet in my living room (to savor later perhaps?), which resulted in one of the kittens immediately pouncing on it.

Naturally, the only correct thing to do in this situation was to bust out the camera and record the crazy kitten behavior, and share it with all of my dear readers.

The video is a little long, and isn’t super exciting, but its definitely worth watching for a few seconds if you need to get a daily cute kitten fix.

I’ve never read the children’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” but I imagine that it a sequel was made about kittens and strawberries, this would be a pretty close movie reenactment of the storyline. 🙂

As always feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments, and enjoy Hodor vs. the strawberry (I’m not 100% sold on that name for the boy kitten yet, but am just trying it out for now).

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