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Stranded on a Desert Island

The other day while I was trying to fall asleep, a completely random thought crossed my mind, and I’ve been dwelling on it ever since: If you were stranded on a desert island, what one item would you be most grateful for if it appeared randomly.

In this hypothetical situation of being stranded on an island, we can assume that you have already figured out food, shelter, and a clean water supply, so the mystery item would be something that is more of a luxury and not a necessity (similar to Wilson in Castaway).

After thinking about this question by myself for a couple of days, I still have no idea what one item I’d be happiest to see wash up, but right now I’m leaning towards a favorite book or even better, and empty notebook and writing utensil, so I could create my own stories while awaiting rescue– and yes, in this hypothetical situation, you will be rescued before too long, and whatever caused you to be stranded did so without you acquiring any serious injuries, making it more like an extended unplanned solo vacation. 

Would you choose something that would keep you entertained physically (sports equipment) or something that would be more mental entertainment (perhaps a favorite book that somehow survived being washed up on the shore)?


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  1. P2000Camaro says:

    Well, obviously a phone..lol. A laptop would be useless without internet access.. So.. Im gonna go with the dog collar that is hanging around my rear-view mirror right now.. ANything else could give me temporary entertainment.. But that is one thing that, even when I felt completely hopeless, would truly remind me of the person I was when I was still absorbed in civilization. The story behind the collar is wayyyy too long to post here.. But that’s what I would want.

    That, and a jet ski…..

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