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Welcome Back: Arrested Development

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the evident lack of new and/or interesting posts that don’t involve kittens lately. Between a combination of seemingly not having enough time/energy to write, a lack of inspiration for new content not involving kittens being silly, and my desire to actually post things people want to read, I just haven’t been spending as much time lately on the blog or even reading other blogs. Plus, life in general has been pretty hectic lately, and I’ve learned that trying to make sense of my thoughts (and make them worth sharing) is a terrible idea after having a couple of drinks with friends or on dates (also, I’m still going to be committed to not sharing any details about that part of my life on here).

I’d be lying if I said starting now that nothing like my little unscheduled hiatus from writing will happen again, or that going forward every post is going to be either highly entertaining or thought-provoking, but I’m sure going to try my best to meet/exceed at least one of those goals.

Except for tonight’s post.

In case you missed the announcement(s), one of the best shows (in my opinion) has finally returned. That’s right folks,¬†Arrested Development¬†is back.


When the notification came up on my phone saying “The Bluths have returned,” (how cool is that by the way?!), I felt a sense of anticipation that lasted until I was able to take a break and watch the first new episode.

I’m only on episode 5 right now, but after opening up the Netflix app on my Wii (which one of my cousins is still signed in to and it’s too much of a pain to sign out and log in with my own account), I discovered that someone I know has already finished all 15 new episodes. And I might be a little jealous that they’ve had the time to watch them all already.

For those of you who are fans of the show, I won’t go into any details about the episodes I’ve watched thus far, but I will say that I have not disappointed with the new episodes yet.

The writing is pretty spot on, and even though I haven’t heard some of my favorite running jokes, that’s okay because new jokes are being introduced and I am sure at some point the old favorites will make an appearance.

Fellow¬†Arrested Development fans, what have you thought so far of this new season (no spoilers!), and if you haven’t yet finished all of them, do you have a plan or strategy to watch them (either by rushing to binge watch all at once, or spreading them out to make the funny last longer)?



Responses (2)

  1. chellykay says:

    Lindsay Bluth (AKA- Ellen’s wife) has definitely had some work done.

    Every other actor looks the same, but I felt like her face wasn’t very recognizable. Was it just me?

    • Katy says:

      I agree 100%. When they showed her on screen something just wasn’t right about her look, and I thought it was just the amount of makeup she had on to try to look younger, but the having cosmetic surgery idea makes way more sense.

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