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Something Strange in the Neighborhood

Sorry for the graphic nature of this photo, but this is still visible in my building and a gruesome reminder of what happened just a few floors down from my apartment. I'm not sure what the rules are about cleaning this up, but hopefully someone from building maintenance will take care of it in the morning... and if not I may break out the bleach spray myself (with several layers of protective gloves).

So, something crazy went down last night in my apartment building, and by now I think I’ve managed to either text, email, call, or Facebook message all of the people I consider close friends or family about the insanity. Also, I posted the official news story to my Facebook wall, but for those of you […]

The Earliest Memory

I’ve always been fascinated with memories, and try to do whatever possible to remember things that have happened in my life. Not to toot my own horn too much, but I sometimes think that my memory is better than most others, as I can often just close my eyes and picture things I’ve experienced in […]

A Reminder of Why I Hate Shopping at Walmart

While not a great picture, this is the best I could manage while being shooed away from the building by the employees and law enforcement on scene.

Yesterday evening I made plans with a friend for an impromptu sleepover, as she needed to pick something up from me for work the next day, and since I live considerably closer to her work than she does, I had no problem letting her crash on my couch instead of driving back home late at […]

Shameless Movie Obsession Confession: Pitch Perfect

A few months ago, I watched a little movie that was released last year (2012) that you may have heard of:¬†Pitch Perfect. Since that afternoon viewing, I can’t seem to get the songs from the movie out of my head. I went into watching this movie with reservations, because I assumed it was going to […]

The Necessity of Sunscreen

The Necessity of Sunscreen

Yesterday, on what was probably the hottest day of the year so far in St. Louis, I did something very stupid: Spent an afternoon at the pool without applying proper sunscreen. Since I’m fair-skinned, I really should have known better, especially since this definitely isn’t my first go around with a bad sunburn. I’m not […]

The Little Kickstarter That Could

The Little Kickstarter That Could

For about the last month I’ve spent a lot of my free time at work (and free time outside of work) monitoring a current Kickstarter campaign that my friend (and fellow blogger) Jamey is running to fund the second board game from Stonemaier Games. Despite my best intentions everyday to not log into Kickstarter, I […]

The Name Game

The Name Game

Choosing names for the kittens has been a little challenging, but after much deliberation (and trying out several to see what “fit”) I’m finally ready to formally announce the names I’ve selected for them. While I was enjoying calling them “Boy Cat,” and “Girl Cat,” Hodor and Gwen seem like better choices. My original plan […]

Cat Grooming 101

Cat Grooming 101

Several weeks ago I decided to adopt a couple of kittens, and while they are perfect angels most of the time, sometimes they accidentally inflict damage because of their tiny kitten claws. At first I didn’t mind the kittens (Gwen and Hodor are the names I decided on for them) pawing at me with their […]

Going Green

For the last several weeks I’ve wanted to test out a new method of getting to work in the morning: riding my bicycle instead of driving my car. Since I only live about 3 miles away from work, and already have a really great bike, the only piece missing for me to test out this […]

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