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A Reminder of Why I Hate Shopping at Walmart

Yesterday evening I made plans with a friend for an impromptu sleepover, as she needed to pick something up from me for work the next day, and since I live considerably closer to her work than she does, I had no problem letting her crash on my couch instead of driving back home late at night.

Since my friend hadn’t been planning on a sleepover, a trip to the store was needed for her to purchase some of the basics (something to sleep in, a toothbrush, etc). And by the time we managed to meet up at my apartment, my favorite store (Target) was either already closed for the night or would be by the time we could make it there.

Begrudgingly I went along for the Walmart run as it was the only place still open I knew of where she could purchase pjs and the other stuff, and hoped for the best.

With a list of things she needed to grab in hand, we quickly assembled all of the items into a shopping cart, but on the way to the checkout lines (or rather the only line open— always the case), an announcement came over the PA demanding an immediate evacuation of all shoppers and employees in the store.

Not wanting to get in trouble for disobeying orders (and unable to purchase anything since the cashier had bolted), we headed out the doors, only to be directed by a bunch of firemen and police officers away from the building.

Not the greatest shots, but the best I could manage while being shooed away from the building by the firemen and police on scene.

Not the greatest shots, but the best I could manage while being shooed away from the building by the firemen and police on scene.

I have no idea what the emergency was, as we didn’t stick around to find out, and this is the first time something like that has ever happened to me at the superstore, but it just reinforced my distaste for shopping there. And, I’m not saying that this is by any means a regular occurence at that store, but something bad always seems to happen when I visit that particular location.

Lesson learned, and next time I’m enlisted with the task of a last minute and late night run to the store, I’ll make sure there are no other alternatives before rushing out and having to face the insanity of that place.

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  1. Interesting. I’ve decided to keep some extra’s like these over the years, with the exception of clothes (obviously). But a few extra toothbrushes, obviously-not-for-guys-shampoo+conditioner, etc, has come in handy when needing to host people last minute. But I agree with the main point – I avoid Walmart like the plague. Walgreens is my preferred anyways, but finding a 24 hour one isn’t as easy as it was when I lived in Vegas.

    • Katy says:

      Definitely a good idea to keep some extra’s on hand. I actually had an extra toothbrush and most everything else she needed at my place, but the not having anything to wear was the bigger concern, as we are different sizes.

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