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Cat Grooming 101

Several weeks ago I decided to adopt a couple of kittens, and while they are perfect angels most of the time, sometimes they accidentally inflict damage because of their tiny kitten claws.

At first I didn’t mind the kittens (Gwen and Hodor are the names I decided on for them) pawing at me with their little kitten claws, because they weren’t sharp enough to do more than feel like a tickle. As they’ve gotten bigger (it’s amazing how much they’ve grown in the last 5 weeks!) their claws have also strengthened, and are quite dangerous.

They seem to know that scratching people– mainly me– is not allowed, but that doesn’t mean that they understand trying to climb my legs or attack my hands/feet under the blankets while I’m asleep is also not allowed.

After waking up to yet another mysterious scratch in the morning, I resolved that one of my goals for the week was to get their claws trimmed and under control.

With Jasper I’ve learned some tricks over the years about cutting his nails: mainly to always take him to a professional because he wiggles too much, but I figured it would be at least worth a shot trying to clip the kittens’ nails myself at least once.

In preparation for the attempt, I’ve been trying to get them used to me touching their paws and claws, in hopes that it would make my nail clipping easier.

Neither kitten seemed very happy at first, but once one paw was trimmed on Gwen, she seemed to relax and just laid still until I was finished with her other front paw. Her back claws are pretty short, so I left them alone for the time being.

Hodor was another story. He struggled and tried to attack me/escape the entire time, but after catching him about 10 times, I can proudly say his manicure and pedicure were also successful! Right now he’s sulking (in Jas’s cage, what a weirdo!), but I think he’ll get over it soon.

For now I’m grateful that I hopefully won’t wake up with more mysterious scratches, and think that with more practice the next round of claw trimmings will go much more smoothly.

Have you ever attempted to trim your pets’ nails before, and if so, any tips or tricks I should try next time?


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