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Going Green

For the last several weeks I’ve wanted to test out a new method of getting to work in the morning: riding my bicycle instead of driving my car.

Since I only live about 3 miles away from work, and already have a really great bike, the only piece missing for me to test out this experiment was a day nice enough for a ride. (Also, I needed to make sure I’d be riding to and from during daylight hours, so my work schedule also had to fit.)

While it was a little overcast today in St. Louis, which some might not consider the best weather for spending any amount of time outside, for me those conditions were just about perfect. A little more sunshine would have been nice, but the lack of heat and humidity made the ride bearable and actually pretty enjoyable.

To prepare for my ride, I donned some appropriate biking gear (tennis shoes, leggings, and a t-shirt), and packed my work clothes in a backpack so I could change once I arrived at my destination. I was really excited to have an excuse to use my Camelbak, which has just been collecting dust in the closet since the end of summer last year.

Once I was adequately attired to hit the road, I made sure there was air in the tires and then set out for the day.

I thought that it would be a pretty easy ride, as it’s mostly flat for the duration of the roughly 3 mile ride, but I didn’t count on riding into the wind, or think about the fact that since I haven’t ridden in months that it might have been a good idea to stretch or prepare with a shorter ride first. Also, eating breakfast before leaving instead of planning to eat at work would have been a smart idea, as I made it about halfway to work and started feeling not so great.

The ride back home after work went much better, and it seemed like I was going so fast at some parts of the ride that I was certain I would make it home in half the time that it had taken me earlier in the morning. I think the fact that I had already ridden that distance earlier, as well as the fact that this time I wasn’t trying to ride on an empty stomach made a huge difference.

I think for the most part the experiment was successful, and while I won’t make this my main form of transportation to work, when the conditions are right, I’ll probably do it again. It was nice being able to squeeze in an extra bit of activity on either side of my workday without needing to head over to the gym.

If you live close enough to your workplace to walk or ride, would/have you ever considered riding or walking instead of driving?

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  1. Glad you tried it out! I’m hoping you’ll enjoy it, I’m envious you get to easily partake this commuting option. Its not always convenient, but those i know who bike to work are very proud of it.

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