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Exit Strategies

At some point or another I bet most people (myself included) have pictured how we’d say our goodbyes at job we didn’t exactly love.

For some, it would be a heartfelt email sent out to everyone you’ve worked with, letting them know how much (or how little) they mean to you, followed by promises to keep in touch as you embark on this new adventure in your career path. Others might imagine a big scene like you’d see in a movie, where you let off a bunch of steam, or in some cases, some repressed rage depending on how terrible you felt the job was for you.

Before I scare any of you, this post is in no way about my current job situation, as the only changes happening in my work life lately are positive (I hope), although a transfer to a different location might be in my future and I’ve been thinking about how (or if) I’d say goodbye to my current co-workers.

Prior to moving to the location where I currently work, I’d never paid much attention to how people who were moving on made their exits, but within the last year I’ve started paying more attention to how people I’ve developed some sort of friendship with have parted ways.

One of the best was a long email that was sent out to everyone who had made an impact in a former co-workers career, and since he’d been around for eons (over 7 or 8 years I think), there were many names mentioned, and the entire feel of the email seemed pretty positive. Since I’ve also been around for quite some time, several of the names mentioned jumped out at me and it was cool being able to read his nice words for each person.

On the flipside, I’ve read some not-so-nice mass emails that were laden with sarcasm and hidden angst, but were trying to appear to be a nice goodbye. I understand that some people need to feel that closure or like they were able to get the last word in and “stick it to the man,” with their uncensored thoughts, but I would never send out something that could potentially burn a bridge I might need in the future.

Since there is a pretty decent turnover rate at my company I’ve witnessed many exits over the years, with only a few sticking out as memorable. I guess that’s a good thing, and hope that when the day comes for me to make my exit that it won’t be anything too memorable or crazy.

Have you ever witnessed any crazy exits at your work? Or have you pictured your own dream scenario of how you’d leave a job you hated?


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  1. Laura says:

    When I transferred out of my last position one of our maintenance guys, who I had a great working relationship with, came and played his harmonica on my last day. It was a great way to end my time there. 🙂

    • Katy says:

      Laura- That’s an awesome send off from a former co-worker, and very cool that he was able to make your last day memorable!

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