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Meet Me at the Fair

Last year on Independence Day the only fireworks I ended up seeing were ones being set off by people in the street as I was driving back from seeing a movie (the 2012 summer heat wave was a huge influence in the decision to sit inside a cold movie theater over fighting the crowds in the heat to watch fireworks). I didn’t really miss seeing a professional fireworks display, but when I was presented with the offer to watch a show this year, I was happy to say yes.

After discussing some pros and cons of each locality we knew would be putting on a show, the decision to visit nearby Webster Groves won out over trying to fight the crowd in downtown St. Louis.

Little did I know, but a fair was also happening out in WG, so while there were considerably less people there, we still had to deal with the crowds. Walking around the area where carnival type rides and games were set up felt a little like a blast from the past, as the rides looked eerily similar to what was present back in the days when I’d attend the end of year school picnic– something I stopped going to around junior high.

After a quick lap and some people watching, we headed over to the outer edge of the park and found a great place to view the fireworks display.

With a blanket spread on the ground, some good company, and a great vantage point, we settled in and just enjoyed the beautiful summer evening while waiting for the show.

As the time drew closer for show time to begin, more and more people arrived, but with the exception of one or two drunk guys in the crowd, the large gathering seemed pretty calm and peaceful.

I was a little amazed when a message sounded over a nearby speaker for all to rise for the National Anthem that not only did everyone around cease conversation to stand, but that many (myself included) sang along. Hearing so many voices coming together to sing is something I always seem to enjoy, so tonight’s impromptu concert was just the icing on the cake for what has been a great Independence Day.

While walking around, I managed to take several photos to remember the evening, both of the fair itself and of the fireworks.




The fireworks show was definitely making the trip, and was kind of interesting due to the musical selection. I expected it to be all patriotic music, but somehow a little bit of “Total Ellipse of the Heart,” and “Celebration,” made their way onto the playlist… Not my first choice for fireworks accompaniment, but somehow it worked.

How’d you celebrate your Fourth of July?

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