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Welcome to the World: Maggie Mae

This morning (Thursday, July 11th), I woke up to a text message with news that I’m sure the majority of my family has been waiting to hear: My cousin Stephanie’s new baby (Margaret Mae) finally arrived at 5:36 am.

Hearing this news instantly put a smile on my face, and I knew that I would probably have trouble focusing at work because I couldn’t wait to meet the new baby. The second thought that crossed my mind was “Oh, poor Steph,” because I knew Maggie’s due date was around July 1, and that my cousin must have been in labor for over 24 hours.


After I got out of work for the day, I headed over to the hospital where Maggie was born, and was able to spend some time holding her and just be in awe of the fact that someone so brand new has already managed to steal so many hearts.

I’m so excited to see Maggie grow up, and thankful that my cousin and her husband live fairly close, which will enable me to get a “baby fix” fairly easily. I know that Steph and Jeff (her husband) are going to be great parents, and I can’t wait to see Maggie wrap her daddy around her little finger (judging by the look of joy on Jeff’s face today, she might have already done so without even needing to try).

My visit to the hospital was cut short as more family seemed to arrive by the minute and I wanted to give others a chance to see the new baby, and after I left I thought of a question that might have some validity for people born on 7/11…. It’s silly, but wouldn’t it be cool if people with that birthday got some cool perk at the convenience store 7-11? Free Sluprees on your birthday for life, perhaps? 🙂

Thanks again to Stephanie and Jeff for letting me stop by to see your new addition; I couldn’t be happier for you guys!

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