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Embarrassing Childhood Stories

Tonight’s entry is the result of a recent post by my friend Jamey. I was just going to share these stories in the comments on his post, until I realized they would be better off as a separate entry here. The idea/challenge he has presented is fairly simple: share some of your most embarrassing or most frequently told childhood stories.

I always like to think of my mom as the “Queen of Stories,” as she ALWAYS has some story to tell no matter what the occasion, most of which tend to embarrass either myself or one of my siblings. Below I’ve shared a couple of the stories I heard growing up.

One of the stories I heard the most was the one about my brother tying me up with a typewriter ribbon.

At the time I was somewhere between 1-2, and he was 3-4 years old (I’m sure if I called my mom and asked, she’d be happy to confirm). My brother was always getting into trouble as soon as my mom turned her back for a split second, and when she was caught on a phone call with someone from church, he seized the moment and somehow managed to open my dad’s typewriter, grabbed the ribbon out of it, and went on a trek across our house.

The house we lived in back then was one of the old Victorian’s, with a staircase in the front of the house, and one in the kitchen. On his journey up the front stairs, he intercepted me in the hallway, proceeded to tie me up with the red and black ribbon, and then continued on down the kitchen stairs, where my mom was stuck on her phone call. Of course my mom was upset, especially since they had just finished painting the walls, and the ribbon left a nice stripe of red and black everywhere he had walked.

The other story she always tells has me as the subject of embarrassment, and is a much shorter one.

When I was about 4 years old, my favorite thing to wear was a mint/aqua dress, that just happened to have a hoop in the skirt.

Every Sunday, when it was time to pick out my church clothes, the hoop dress was always my first choice. And nearly every Sunday, I would get in trouble because I would wind up playing with the hoop, which resulted in me showing off my slip or panties to whoever was in the vicinity.

One Sunday, the children’s choir was joining forces with the adults in the main service to perform a song. And, during the performance in front of the whole congregation, I decided to lift up my skirt and flash the entire crowd, much to my parents’ dismay.

When my mom tells this story, she often includes pictures of the event, complete with me getting scolded by my cousins’ grandma, who happened to be standing behind me on the stage.

Grandma Margaret was aware of my tendencies to play with my dress, and positioned herself behind me on the stage, to hopefully stop me if I tried to raise it during the song. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to catch me in time, but as the pictures show (which I’ll post once I can have my mom copy and send them to me), Grandma Margaret is holding the back of my dress in an effort to keep me from lifting the front again.

After my public display of exhibitionism, the hoop was sadly removed from my once favorite dress.

I could keep going with more embarrassing stories that I heard a lot growing up, but I’ll save those for a later time.

Did you ever hear a story told over and over growing up?

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  1. Ha ha…awesome story, Katy. Thanks for sharing!

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