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My Lucky Day

A few weeks ago, I managed to stumble on something that was quite a deal and would definitely consider it to be my lucky day.

For ages, I’ve wanted to add a Kitchen Aid mixer to my collection of kitchen gadgets, and even wrote about this desire months ago, but could never justify spending the money on something I might not use often.

The Precious... which is what I'm pretty sure I said when I saw this beauty on the counter that day, and I may or may not have channeled my inner Smeagol/Gollum when saying it.

The Precious… which is what I’m pretty sure I said when I saw this beauty on the counter that day, and I may or may not have channeled my inner Smeagol/Gollum when saying it.

Instead of going out and buying the big mixer, I settled on something simpler (and cheaper), and started putting money aside in one of my savings accounts for the bigger purchase someday.

By sheer chance, I happened to find an estate sale taking place a few weekends ago in my friend’s neighborhood. She had already visited the sale, and remembered seeing a trunk that she thought I might be interested in, so I decided to take a peek for myself.

The trunk she mentioned was pretty cool, but not exactly what I was looking for, so I decided to call it a day and head back over to my friend’s house to hang out with her and see her kids since that was the reason I was in the neighborhood in the first place. While heading out the door, the shiny metal of a fancy schmancy mixer happened to catch my attention (I’m not sure how I missed it on my initial walk through the place), and I knew I had stumbled upon something that would be going home with me.

Sitting on the counter was one of the mixers I had long ago resolved to wait on purchasing, but at a price that I couldn’t resist.

The color wasn’t my first choice (ideally my mixer would be a bright Tardis blue instead of a frosty and clean white), but since beggars can’t be choosers, I made a quick decision and added the mixer to my little pile of other estate sale treasures. While waiting to complete my purchase, several people in line or just wandering around the place asked if it was still for sale, and one even tried to talk me out of buying it because they wanted it, so I knew I had found a good bargain.

I’ve only used my new toy a couple of times, but just seeing it sit in a place of prominence on my counter makes me smile a little every morning while I’m fixing breakfast and making my morning tea.

Deciding to wait a little paid off, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to wait that long for my favorite estate sale find.

I don’t often seek out yard, garage, or estate sales, but after having a lucky day and a good experience, it might be something I’m on the lookout for more often in the future…. well at least on the lookout for estate sales instead of yard sales.

Are you an estate/yard/garage sale-er, or even a thrift shop connoisseur… and if so, what’s your favorite find so far?

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