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Random Thoughts on the Miley Controversy, Twerking, and Life

Between different activities (spending time with friends, the occasional date, and my other hobbies), setting everything up to go back to school, and just life in general, I haven’t really been able to focus that much on writing blog entries that I’ve felt worthy of actually posting and sharing with the world.

My news reader has a bunch of articles I’ve bookmarked and would like to explore as blog entries one day, and my current “drafts” folder had about two dozen “started, but not finished” entires of things I want to write about, but I somehow always seems to run out of steam and choose sleep over forcing myself to write more.

Instead of continuing to just sit back and let my ideas wander off while I sleep, I set a goal for myself that I would blog about something, anything, tonight, so hopefully I can make some sense of a couple of the ideas that have been floating around my head lately.

Since just about everyone on the internet has been talking about the VMAs performance and the whole Miley Cyrus controversy this week, that seems like a decent place to start.

I am not normally a fan of awards shows, and the last one I watched was probably well over a decade ago, so that coupled with the fact that I don’t have cable (and therefore no MTV) meant I didn’t really know what I’d missed until checking Facebook and other blogs/websites after the show aired. Luckily, the Internet is a magical place where one can type a few words into a search bar and whatever it is you’re searching for will appear, so I was able to at least watch the video after the airing.

I was familiar with the “Blurred Lines,” song (I even shared that listening to it was a guilty pleasure a few weeks ago), but knew nothing of the other songs included in that performance, so my first response after watching the VMA part was to look up the video for the Miley song, followed by watching a couple of versions of “Blurred Lines.”

After watching the videos, I was shocked at how ridiculous Miley’s “We Can’t Stop,” video was, and then equally shocked to watch the uncensored “Blurred Lines,” that I was unable to finish without feeling dirty.

However, after completing that little bit of research, some parts of the VMA performance did make sense. The foam finger Miley uses made an appearance in Thicke’s video, and even her “outfit,” was very close to what the women were wearing in the uncensored version.  So maybe her intention– along with the obvious one of just getting more attention for doing something outrageous– was to be a nod or commentary on the wildly popular “Blurred Lines” ?

I get that Miss Miley is trying to prove to the world that she is no longer a little girl starring on a Disney Channel show, and while her actions that night are something I would never even consider doing, it almost makes sense for someone who is a celebrity and trying to rebrand or re-image themselves to do something so bold on live television. At the very least, she has managed to gain publicity just by people constantly discussing her behavior on stage.

I still don’t understand the whole “twerking” thing (which I had to also look up online), and I especially don’t understand why that word was supposedly added to the dictionary this week, but there’s a lot of pop culture that I just don’t understand. I’m totally okay with that, and don’t think I’m really missing out too much if I don’t happen to know the latest fad or slang word. (Small confession: I watched a “How to Twerk” video and attempted very unsuccessfully to move my body that way– apparently I lack the skill or necessary level of bootyliciousness to master that “dance move”.)

After reading countless articles or blog posts about the whole Miley thing, and actually paying attention to the lyrics in both of those songs, the only thing I know now about these topics is that what I once thought of as a catchy song to sing along to is probably actually about something more nefarious than just flirting, and even after reading Thicke’s own thoughts on his song, I’d have to agree with those on the Internet who say that it implies blurring the lines of consent/is rapey.

Sorry for the long and rambling post tonight, but well it’s something, right?

What are your thoughts on any of the ideas I’ve mentioned here (The Miley Controversy, Blurred Lines, twerking)?

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