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Archive for September, 2013

An Evening Without Facebook: A True Tale of Survival

Missing from my main screen was the familiar "F," which normally lives next door to the App Store icon.

Whenever new software updates come out for phones– specifically the iPhone– I always try to download and install them as quickly as possible. Partly because it helps me at work to know what issues may arise from the changes, but mostly because I just want to have the latest technology right at my fingertips. After […]

The End of an Era

Last week I finally made  a decision to say goodbye to a long trusted “friend”: my first checking account. The idea of closing this particular account has been floating around in the back of my mind for a couple of years, as I rarely use that account for anything and the bank locations aren’t exactly […]

Thoughts on Dating and Relationships

Earlier today I stumbled onto a blog post that made me stop and actually evaluate my most recent approaches to dating, as well as look back on past relationships. The main point that blogger makes regarding dating is that single people should look for the purpose or long-term value of a romantic relationship rather than […]

The Awkwardness of BYOB

With the end of summer approaching (I think we still have a few weeks until the official start of fall, but Labor Day has always been the “end of summer” marker in my book), I’ve noticed an influx of invitations to barbecues and other social gatherings pop up in my inbox. I’m always happy to […]

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